MotoCzysz E1pc "D1g1tal Superbike" leaks before TTXGP

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MotoCzysz_E1pc_Leak.jpgThis is the completed MotoCzysz E1pc, the motorcycle Michael Czysz is calling the “D1g1tal Superbike.” The lame name for an unoriginal concept aside — a digital superbike is one that uses upgradable powertrain components, Zero pioneered this — this is a damn impressive motorcycle. Using 10 battery packs and 3 motors, it can accelerate to 120mph in just seven or eight seconds, on par with current literbikes.
The E1pc uses chassis technology and know-how from the stillborn
MotoCzysz C1 MotoGP racer. Note the oval-section 6X forks designed to
flex as the bike nears maximum lean.

It also looks like the E1pc could be destined for production. Czysz has
talked about hot-swap battery packs, meaning owners will be able to
switch out discharged batteries for full ones instead of sitting around
waiting for them to recharge.

“In less than five months we took a suggestion and turned it into a
motorcycle. A motorcycle that is unlike anything I have ever ridden. No
gas, no oil, no clutch, no need to even warm up the engine- no engine.
Gone is the age old ritual of rhythmical throttle blips that can
audible seduce a motorcyclist into a pre ride trance- now your bike
waits for you. Enter what may be the next big thing in motorcycles;
invisible, nearly silent and magically linear power,” says Czysz, going
on to explain why the TTXGP is so exciting.

“June 12, 2009, on the Isle of Man, will be the worlds first zero
emissions (electric) Grand Prix, the TTXGP. With teams from around the
world ascending on the Isle, this is a true international competition
and even though the machines are futuristic the race is not and the
premise even less so- this is an old fashion ‘run what you brung’ race.
Never would my Grand Father or even my Father imagined such a
motorcycle would ever exist, even I would have doubted this event
possible in 2009 only a few years ago.

“MotoCzysz will be on the Island Friday, tech the E1pc ‘D1g1tal
Superbike’ on Saturday, practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday- Mark
Miller will ride a race my father and I (and I hope my sons too) will
never forget- a race that will forever be MotoCzysz’s first and a race
that may be the worlds first view of ‘next generation’ motorcycles.”


  • geonerd

    doesn’t the front motor look really close to the ground? will it make it over the death jump without bottoming out?

    • Wes Siler

      No lower than most exhaust collectors. It should be interesting over the jump with all that weight…

      • geonerd

        do we know officially how much it weighs yet?

        i read a blurb here supposedly from a motoczysz engineer saying the bike with a full load of batteries would be “inline with a liter bike weight spec.”

        Also, would it be possible to add a “preview” button? I have no idea whether the tag i added above is going to turn out right.

        • Wes Siler

          I’ve seen MotoCzysz say that a few times. Batteries are heavy, they have 10 of them…

  • will

    I have a feeling, a highly unqualified feeling, that it is going to win.

    • Wes Siler

      You gotta love the MotoCzysz approach. More motors, more batteries…kinda reminds me of Spinal Tap and the dial that goes to 11.

  • Scott

    fingers crossed for Michael & co.

  • MikeD

    This should prove interesting to say the least.

  • the_doctor

    Needs moar vowels. I see the name, and my brain locks up as i try to pronounce it. Now I really want to see this thing fly over the jump just to see what happens.

  • Martin

    Just WOW!

    I remember seeing the original concept and 3d modelling of it. “is this possible” i thought at the time..

    I am thoroughly going to enjoy the upcoming TTXGP!

    And you guys get your news out FAST! :]

  • modelasian

    This is definitely the meanest looking of the bunch. I especially like the Speed Racer styling cues.
    I really don’t understand why Zero and Brammo (or Apple, for that matter) aren’t also adopting battery swapping. Is this true? I use rechargeables on my bicycle lights, but if I gotta get home in the dark I’m not going to wait for them to recharge. I’ll just put in fresh batteries. We all did that with Walkmans and boom boxes.
    Apple has an excuse. They’re bastards with designed obsolescence as a design credo.

  • Hugh Pfabe

    I’m confused here. Can someone please explain to me the purpose of three motors?
    We’re not talking about one motor per wheel, and a third for some other purpose, we’re talking about three motors, all of which drive the rear wheel (though still through a drive train of some sort, be it shaft, belt, or chain, and not placed at the axis of rotation itself)?

    • deltablues

      Three small motors takes up less space than one large motor and three small motors located underneath the batter packs helps lower the cg…but that is just me guessing why they went with three motors.

      • geonerd

        that’s my guess as well. more power without the packaging issues a large motor would introduce.

        still think the front motor looks way low. lower than the lower fairing. maybe it’s just a weird angle.

  • deltablues

    The nicest aspect of this bike is that the design looks of one-piece…it does not look like an existing bike cobbled together to make an electric bike.

    I used to work in CNC machining and wonder if the motors they are using are digital-indexing motors. Those are amazingly controllable motors and could in theory would be incredible for traction control.


  • K2theM

    The three motors, I’m guessing, comes from the world of Radio Controlled cars. Often on larger monster truck style trucks the car would use two motors. This allowed the motors to share the strain of the weight of the truck. (one of the most notable in recent history to use this system is the E-Maxx, by Traxxas) This sharing allowed the trucks to maintain a high level of performance for their size; since each motor was effectively only powering half the car.

    The same concept is no doubt applied here. He is using three motors to share the no doubt heavy load of the batteries and rider.

  • coho

    It makes me happy just to know this exists.

    Go Czysz!

  • deltablues

    Call me crazy…but on the Moto Czysz home page, is that an iPhone I see as the dashboard readout?!

    • v

      sure looks like it,
      i wonder if they are going to run out of power…not motoczysz with it’s humongous battery system but the other guys.the whole circuit is 60 km long and in race conditions..maybe they should have picked a traditional track for the first race of it’s kind

  • Isaac

    This is the Mona Lisa of bike. I am quite posistive it will secure a spot in a museum as a centerpiece.

  • thomasBS

    theres no electric motor(from what i know) that can put out the power of 3 pm dc motors and still keep the weight low. Those 3 motors doesnt weight more much more than 30kgs. Probably good for 120+HP at peak if the batteries could pump out that much juice :P