MotoCzysz E1pc electric superbike uses iPhone for dashboard

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MotoCzysz_Iphone.jpgEarlier today we revealed the MotoCzysz E1pc, the electric motorcycle we think stands an excellent chance of winning next Friday’s zero emissions TTXGP race at the Isle of Man. We knew it was a high-tech bike, but didn’t realize it’d use an iPhone for all its instrumentation.
MotoCzysz_E1pc_Leak_1.jpgNo word on exactly how it’s integrated into the bike or if it just uses
the iPhone’s native accelerometer, but the iPhone can already track
location and speed via GPS and can even measure performance metrics
like lateral G, top speed and acceleration through various apps.

The E1pc can accelerate to 120mph in just “seven or eight seconds”
according to Michael Czysz, the company’s founder. That’s as fast as
the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Unlike the Mission One or Brammo Enertia TTR, the E1pc uses a total of
10 battery packs and three motors, as well as chassis and suspension
know-how borrowed from MotoCzysz’s aborted MotoGP effort. It could very
well be the fastest electric motorcycle ever made, even topping the
Mission One’s 150mph top speed.

The TTXGP is the world’s first zero emissions road race. Taking place
on the famed Isle of Man Mountain Course next Friday’s, it’s bringing
zero emissions competitors from all over the world.

Czysz explains why it’s so exciting, “June 12, 2009, on the Isle of
Man, will be the worlds first zero emissions (electric) Grand Prix, the
TTXGP. With teams from around the world ascending on the Isle, this is
a true international competition and even though the machines are
futuristic the race is not and the premise even less so- this is an old
fashion ‘run what you brung’ race. Never would my Grand Father or even
my Father imagined such a motorcycle would ever exist, even I would
have doubted this event possible in 2009 only a few years ago.”


  • MrP

    That Steve Jobs has his hands in everything!

    • stylemobiles

      Another great way of using the iphone in everyday technology

  • Zac Hunter

    I am so anxious to see this go head to head with the Mission One. Should make for a good race. FYI I asked the folks at Mission Motors about watching the race:

    “Thank you for your interest and support. The TTXGP website will have live feed. I believe you must register and get a user name and password.

    Best Regards,
    Mission Motors”

    Hope its a close race

  • deltablues

    Thanks for verifying that Wes. I was wondering if the pics from the other post were just prototype pics.

  • Martin

    A good friend of mine has a Google Phone and has shown me some interesting app’s which can be got out of adding hardware to the phone with its mini usb port.

    I like this idea, as it fits in with Zero Motorcycles and them simply changing the battery pack when you want to update the bike so to speak.

    It’s the way we are heading and is the way we could be doing things on a daily basis!

    It sums it up on ttxgp website video section where the narrator says its not a race, its not a sport but a leading on to every day technology problems which we will all be using in years to come.

  • Martin

    Regards to the TTXGP being aired, i have spoken with them and the media [copyright holders] who are a part of ttxgp and it will be shown live on their website but only to websites/publications etc

    It is also being handed out after the race to broadcasting companies, so will be on TV, when will be the question.

    There is a registration page, but who knows if it is open to the public or not…

  • Matt

    Onboard footage from the very first test:

  • Uncle Joey

    That is just awesome! Hope they’ve got their playlist sorted for race day.

  • Spencer

    I have an iphone – but I am so sick of it. for f*%cks sake use a real F%*&ing dashboard!

  • Spencer

    It’s sooooo f*^king boooring! The fact that you even mention it in your headline makes me want to SPEW!

  • Hugh Pfabe

    I was just thinking, if something like this went into commercial production, what if instead of having a key for your bike, you just plugged in your own dashboard/display (in this case, your iPhone)?

  • geonerd

    i can has iphone? damn you at&t!

  • TEvo

    Wonder how much they’ll charge at the App Store for…

  • Adrian

    Does the playlist include a soundtrack of an open class four stroke going through the gears , or an electric bike …fffffftttt.

    The TTXGP is going to be awfully quiet going over the mountain. Do the greenies have to get into EVERY damn thing and this is coming from a person with a degree in Environmental Sciences.

    • Wes Siler

      Are you crazy? This thing sounds like a tie-fighter.

      Here’s a video of it running with sound

      • Adrian

        ..more like a hairdrier I would say

        • Marshall

          hairdryer on roids

    • Simmo

      shouldn’t worry, it’s not zero emissions anyway. Those batteries took a f***load of emissions to make

  • Isaac

    I guess if you didn’t wear a helmet, it could be a hairdryer.

  • Glenn

    I imagine going round a scary TT bend at scary miles an hour is going to feel the same regardless of engine. The balance of the bike is different, but 150mph is 150mph whatever you’re on… The speed is no different.
    I think the TTX GP idea is a great idea. I wish it were more a sign of the times, but until battery tech improves it’s still the shape of things to come.
    Imagine being able to download ‘maps’ of current or historical bike/engine performance and then for your electric bike to recreate that ride/power experience… of any bike. With of course, the accompanying sounds.
    What bike shall I ride today? R1? Street Triple? Fatboy?
    That’d make for a nice iPhone app..!

  • Jeannie

    That’s torque… “The E1pc can accelerate to 120mph in just “seven or eight seconds” according to Michael Czysz”

    Curious how it handles the turns packed up like that…and who else will show up with surprises.

    Thanks for making this really good.


    In this case there is NO next best thing to being there.

    a race not to be missed…if you can.

  • g.romay

    what a beautiful bike… it awesome

  • Yola