MotoCzysz may not qualify for TTXGP

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MotoCzysz_Breakdown.jpgPhotos: Amadeus Photography

Pictures just in from the Isle of Man appear to indicate that the MotoCzysz E1pc has again failed to complete a full lap of the mountain course in practice. If the team fails to complete a successful lap in under 50 minutes during an official practice session, it will not qualify to participate in the TTXGP. There are no more official practice sessions scheduled between now and Friday’s race.

Update: Mission Motors president Edward West says, “What is ultimately going to happen is that all of the teams that completed at least one of the qualifying laps will be allowed to race, and this will include MotoCzysz.  The atmosphere amongst the teams is much more of camaraderie than competition, and we, as well as all the race officials, hope to see them in the final.”
motoczysz-5-practice-2.jpgThe TTXGP rules state:

For the TTXGP Race competitors must complete one lap on the TTXGP machine within the qualifying time.
Any competitor who does not attain the required number of laps or qualification time may not be permitted into the race.
All practices, except those held on Saturday 30th May 2008, will be
officially timed and count towards qualification (including race day

Practice sessions will be on June 8 and June 10 2009. The qualifying time is 50 Minutes.

We are, however, seeing rumors that all entrants may be allowed to
start the race regardless of qualifying times or even complete laps.
Anyone have more info?


  • TEvo

    Hmm… like the MotoCzysz 990 GP bike, perhaps TTXGP is a bridge too far.

    Wonder if using a Palm Pre or Android phone for the dash may have helped?

  • the_doctor

    Which is more embarrassing, running out of petrol, or running out of electricity?

  • Steve

    too bad it doesnt run on hair gel, Michael wears enough to do a long way round type trip with no refills

  • johnnyC

    That sucks, I feel bad for MotoCzysz. I really wanted them to succeed at this TTXGP thing, after failing to see the C1 990 compete in an actual race. Michael Czysz has some really cool off-the-wall (in a good way!) ideas for breaking the conventional sportbike mold and improving performance + handling. I don’t doubt that he’ll eventually succeed at putting something out that can actually complete a race, so we’ll see…

    • Matthew

      Maybe those off-the-wall ideas are what’s keeping them from pulling these things off. It’s really too bad, but I have to wonder, with all the test rides and dyno runs they’ve been doing how they neglected to make sure it could finish the course in the allotted time.

  • mototom

    Perhaps a longer extension cord might have helped…..

  • MTGR

    This is exactly why they need to be racing these new designs at places like the IOM. Just like conventional bikes 100 years ago, they need competition in events like this to iron out the problem areas and confirm they are viable products. IOM is much closer to what a bike will face in the real world then a dyno or regular race track and this is just one example of something that looked great at a regular track but clearly has some work left before it will really be a great product for use in the real world.

  • Travis Gintz

    Just recieved this from the team:

    Concerning the second practice …. “This time we passed every other team and were blazing in for the fastest lap of the field when the controllers went into current limitation with sagging batteries just one mile from the finish line. Our rider, Mark Miller, stopped the bike and tried to figure out what was wrong as the rest of the teams passed, then decided to get back on and give it another go. By then the batteries had rebounded sufficiently to give him his last mile, ……and he crept in at only 13.8 mph! On the other hand, he qualified us for the race on Friday, and the bike absolutely ripped most of the way round. ……..we’re looking very good.”

    They qualified….

    • screech

      Thats great news! Any word on what the glitches are? mostly battery issues or is it more deeply systemic?

  • geonerd

    How long has MotoCzysz been developing that powerplant? 6 months? If that?

  • deckard

    The only criticism leveled at anyone at this point should be towards the people and companies who are not participating in this race.

  • skadamo

    Thanks Travis for the update! BTW, Nice work on the eVFR! You all should click his name above and check out the electric VFR he built.

    Wes, thanks for the updated information. MotoCzysz has taken us on a crazy ride the last few months. I expect nothing less tomorrow. I was heart broken when I saw that shot of the bike stopped. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  • Loni Hull

    I don’t much care for the negative comments from “internet heroes” who didn’t shed the blood, sweat and tears we put into getting the bike built (90+% from scratch) in 5 months (where was YOUR entry?). To the rest of you, sincere thanks for your support.

    We worked many nights until dawn, getting the bike set up, fixing problems as they arose, and jumping through every regulatory hoop we encountered at the TTXGP. Michael Czysz’ “off-the-wall” ideas about suspension and packaging only made the bike better. The bike was as ready as we could make it on the morning of race day, and we all felt good going to the start line because we knew – win or lose – that we had done all we could. The electronics worked, the packs had more than enough storage to rip around the full distance of the track, and the chassis was dialed in perfectly for our rider, Mark Miller, who remains an enthusiastic supporter.

    Our failure to reach the podium was the result of a locked-up motor slightly more than 3 miles from the start line, in spite of conservative low voltage cutoff and motor current parameters. That’s racing. It was a sad day, but just the beginning of great things from Motoczysz. Stay tuned!

    Lon Hull
    Systems Integration Engineer
    Motoczysz E1pc Project