On Any Sunday: now available online

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On_Any_Sunday_Poster.jpgHulu just made On Any Sunday, Bruce Brown’s famous documentary about motorcycle racing in 1971, available online for free. The best part? We can even embed it here. Below you’ll find one of our favorite scenes. In it, Mert Lawwill transforms from stylish family man to heroic flat-track racer by swapping his three-piece suit for battered leathers. Remember when racers wore suits instead of flat bills? 


Thanks for the tip, Patrick.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I recently Netflixed Any Sunday, and man, it was a sweet watch. I enjoyed it so much, that I bought a copy for my dad for Father’s Day. This set the precedent for great motorcycle documentaries.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will


  • generic1776

    As a current resident of Lake Elsinore, I would love it if they brought the Elsinore GP back. They stopped it in the 80′s when the prevalence of “biker gangs” started detracting from the family atmosphere.

    Taking a small walk out my back door, there still are “hidden” dirt tracks in hills around the city, and on any given Sunday, there a few bikes riding the trails. (But the sheriff is out there too, so be prepared to pay the piper)

  • chili sv

    Remember when guys were named Mert?

  • http://onroad.hu TeeJay

    Free…only in the US. “Frak it!”

  • Dennis

    I saw this movie at a drive-in when I was a kid. Double-feature with Herbie the Love Bug. No lie.

  • Redleg

    On Any Sunday at work?
    Sure beats doing work at work!

  • James

    Does anyone remember the title of the Motorcycle documentary about sand dunes & hill climbs from the 70′s? If I remember correctly, the film opened and ended with a sunrise and a sunset. It included dune buggies, and sand drags. Not just motorcycles. I would enjoy seeing it again

  • Marcel

    Just watched it again this past Sunday on Hulu. Malcolm Smith is awesome, all smiles and smooth riding.

  • aeolus

    Too precious I think. Check out Little Fauss and Big Halsy for the real thing.

  • uberbox

    This is just a freakin’ amazing movie on so many levels.

  • cjs675

    Now yet another generation can enjoy this masterpiece. Happy Days.

  • http://www.wheelbilly.com Adam

    I watched this movie religiously as a kid at my grandma’s house. Like, everyday for weeks on end. It was all I wanted to watch. a couple decades later and I finally have my own powered two wheels and I’m loving it. It’s inspired me to work on a documentary about another motorized hobby of mine in the same vein. fabulous movie. I bought it on itunes awhile back. Good for on flights. Anyways, fabulous flick.