Photo Finish: sadly departed

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Photo: SkyFirePDL

June 12, 2009. Isle of Man. John Crellin racing in the Senior TT, shortly before a fatal crash.

  • mototom

    This is very sad, my heart goes out to his family and friends. It is a terrible thing when the thing we love so much consumes one of us.

  • Isaac

    OMG, deeply saddened. I hope his family recovers soon. At least he went doing what he loved.

  • Nick

    I didn’t know you, but I miss you. RIP man. You had more guts than I do.

  • Ben Part

    The IOM TT is almost Hari kari like in the victims it has claimed over the years. But it’s alure continues to becon the steel balled.

    Riding the mountain at a pedestrian pace through fog was enough to give me the willies.

    RIP JC

  • Nick Lou

    RIP mate. You will be sadly missed even though I didn’t know you. The day a biker dies is a damn sad day indeed. May you find Peace brother.


  • steaminSteven

    I too did not know you, but I do know your tearin it up in the afterlife!


  • alex

    Rest in peace. All the best wishes for the family.

  • fas

    Sad news this is. May his soul rest in peace.