Raffaele de Rosa is a big, fat showoff

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Raffael_De_Rosa_Save.jpgMost people would just give up if their 250GP bike tried to throw them over the highside, not Raffaele de Rosa, who chose to hang on, bring the bike under control, then climb back on board at Mugello last weekend. Wow.


via Jalopnik

  • scott

    how to drag both knees… at the same time

  • DoctorNine

    Dayuum… another reason small and light is better. Never would have the upper body to manhandle a liter bike back up like that. Too heavy. Is there a weekly Cojones of Brass award? Because he earned it.

    • Core


  • aoelus

    The fastest Moto2 machine circulated just a few tenths from 2009 250GP pole position pace, during qualifying for the Jerez round of the CEV Formula Extreme Championship.(crash net headline)

    She-it dude…and that was with a no name rider. Fergit those pea shooters.