Roland Sands and Drake McElroy beat the crap out of Smoking Seagulls Singles

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Photos: Chris Tavlarides/RSD

Remember the Smoking Seagulls Singles? A trio of rough-and-ready single-cylinder customs built to be ridden. Combining motocross engines and frames with road-race running gear and unique style, we couldn’t wait to see them in action. Well here are those action shots.
Roland Sands is riding his CR500-based, slick-equipped streetfighter,
the same one we had at the Function through Form show in January. In
most of the shots Drake McElroy is riding his Yamaha YZF450 café racer,
but there’s also a bike we can’t identify. We seriously dig the style
of both the bikes, the CR500 is utterly insane, while the YZF is much
more like the kind of thing we could see ourselves riding.

The shoot was for Bell Helmets‘ 2010 catalog and ad campaign; you’ll be able to see more shots when that’s out later this year.


  • Sen

    I never knew you could ride slicks on dirt. That’s amazing.

  • will

    It is. The innate badassitude of these photos and bikes are nicely counterpointed by the expressions on the rider’s faces.

  • The_Doctor

    Damn. That is very impressive. I love their faces while airborn. Their faces just scream “I do this daily.”

  • Adam

    In an industry full of poseurs and faux tough guys Roland Sands is one of the few true bad asses. He doenst try to pool or talk tough, he just builds unique and quality bikes then proceeds to ride the hell out of them. Nice to see RSD get some pub on Hell for Leather. Now bing us some Jesse Rooke news!!!

  • Adrian


    The bike that Drake is riding in the later shots seems to be a Ducati , I think you can make out the bevel tower.

    Awesome pictures and that bike Roland brought to you for “Form through Function” obviously functions really well.

  • johnny

    nice pics,crazy stuff! Roland Sands is my favourite bike designer ever, I just love his customs,esp the Ducati Hypermotard

  • johnny

    P.S.. and this is my favourite bike has to be the coolest in the world! but Wes, your gallery drives me nuts..too many clicks to go from one high res to the next.

    • Wes Siler

      Thanks. Well, the galleries are the best we can do for now, so enjoy them for what they are.

  • Hugh Pfabe

    For some reason this reminds me of the On Any Sunday, when you see Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and I think a third rider that I’m forgetting ride now…
    Three guys, just riding on the sand, on bikes meant to be functional, having a hell of a time, not trying to impress anyone, and through that impressing the hell out of all of us mere mortals.

  • skadamo

    Some of the coolest pics I have seen in a long time!