Rossi laps Isle of Man after McGuinness wins

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John McGuinness won his 15th Isle of Man TT Superbike race today, breaking his own fastest lap with a 130.442mph average speed. Somehow overshadowing that was a car-escorted exhibition lap by Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini. While both riders put on a good show for these pictures, the TT’s always been about riding skill and brass balls, not posing. If Dainese would like to see big names like Rossi at the TT, perhaps it’d be better off working with Yamaha to modify the World Champion’s contract to let him participate in the dangerous road race rather than just lend his name to it. In the meantime, he could at least take the opportunity to make out with pretty girls afterwards like Ago does.


  • Remy

    Would you kindly stop posting race results on the front page of your site? I get so many race results spoiled here since I can’t view most races live the day of the event.
    Maybe just announce the winner after the jump?
    Hope that’s not too much to ask.

    • v

      i second that,i was just downloading the race

    • Wes Siler

      So wait, you guys want to read news about motorcycles, but not news about motorcycles that’s current? Shouldn’t you be reading something made out of dead trees?

      Hopefully the organizers and promoters of international racing can figure out ways to make racing available live everywhere in the world (hint: the Internet’s not just for cat pictures anymore), until then we can’t slow our own schedule down just because Dorna and its ilk have yet to discover electricity.

      • carboncanyon

        Hey Wes, I don’t think Remy is asking HFL to stop covering race results. Remy is just asking if you guys could put “Isle of Man Results” (or something to that effect) on the front page with the actual results after the jump. That way, it won’t spoil the race for those who want to watch the race, and the curious can still see who won by clicking on the article. I think that’s reasonable, don’t you?

        • Remy

          carboncanyon seems to have better reading comprehension skills than Wes.

          I was indeed asking if the result could be after the “continue” link on the main article.
          Even user-run forums seem to be better about not spoiling race results than HFL.

          It seems Wes is more concerned with running this site like a bigger business than it is and to hell with the loyal, returning customers.

          • Wes Siler

            Remy, you can talk to me directly.

            We’re not a forum, we’re a publication and we compete in a larger media environment and in different ways than a lot of traditional bike sites do. This isn’t 1994, I’m not putting results after the jump when they’re the emphasis of a story.

            Luckily for you we only cover racing results when they’re relevant to the greater motorcycle world as a whole. Well, for right now anyways.

            • carboncanyon

              Hey guys,
              Can I suggest a possible fix?

              How about a checkbox on the site that can hide race articles for those who want to watch the race? Store it in a cookie so they don’t have to set it each time they visit.

              • Grant Ray

                Or you could just file your complaints to Dorna and other race organizers for better internet streaming. Personally, I go to news sources for current news, not last week’s news.

                I’m afraid spending over 100 hours designing, building and implementing bespoke scripts that must run site-wide flawlessly and placing little check boxes on HFL like Facebook is just not feasible. (Yes, it will totally take that long to get it done properly.)

                Your issue is with Dorna. We just tell the news. And as such we need to remain competitive.

            • KFG

              Hey it’s your site, do what you want. However your response makes no sense. In fact if you look at most major media outlets online (not just mc) in many instances there is a tease and relevant information after the jump. In no way does it spoil the emphasis of the story… um I mean blog entry. Companies pay thousands of dollars for user feedback. These guys (your core audience) are giving you some of theirs unsolicited lol.

              My thought was exactly the same when I read the headline (and I wish you would make your thumbnails more useable). At the end of the day you have a cool blog site with content that we are all clearly interested in. Do whatever makes ya happy… just a little user feedback ; )

            • Cynic

              I don’t see why you can’t put results behind the cut… Are you trying to make people not want to use this site? Because it really pisses people off when then find out a result of a race if before they get to watch it.

              • Wes Siler

                We’re just not in the habit of printing race results and only do so when it’s relevant so some larger story.

                This one for instance: it’s interesting because Rossi managed to overshadow McGuinness’s win. How would I put that behind the jump? “Some guy (or girl) won the TT today, which is really cool since he may or may not be a super heroic rider, but Rossi showed up, ran a lap and that’s what everyone talked about?” That sounds pretty weak to me.

                • Cynic

                  Hey it’s your site (obviously) do what you like, I’m just pointing out that a lot of people, myself included, hate finding out race results before I get to see them. So if you’re going to not hide these behind a cut (and somehow let us know they’re hidden behind the cut) I won’t visit the site as much. Certainly not if they’re are races I haven’t seen yet that I care about.

                  Overall I like this site, and would like to see you guys keep going. This just happens to be a Pet Peeve with a lot of people.

                • Grant Ray

                  I understand you’re frustrated because you are forced to watch delayed motorcycle racing where you live, Cycnic, but I really think you and the handful of others are barking up the wrong tree here.

                  First off, the internet, thereby HFL, is not adherent to region– we’re read by English speakers worldwide every day. Lots of them get perfectly good live coverage of not just the races but the qualifying sessions as well.

                  Also, reporting on a race is not a movie review that must both inform while also being keen not to spoil the plot and allow for the studio to reap financial success, just as a race is not a movie that viewers can take in at their leisure like books. A race is an event that takes place in a singular moment in time. We are here to tell the news as it happens. As such we compete with other global news sources.

                  Why is that such an issue?

      • the_doctor

        Hasn’t it been this way for a while. Back in the 90′s, we had to get Direct TV, just for Speed Network to watch races on tape delay. I remember a few years ago, Speed just stopped televising races on Sunday all together, and aired them mid-day on Tuesday. The VCR had to be set, times double checked, tape rewound, and on a wing and a prayer, you might get to watch a GP race.

        I hope that, since this is the 21st century, Dorna will at least look at streaming races on Hulu. But, wheres the money in that?

        Without HFL, I would be completely uniformed about motorcycle news.

        • Wes Siler

          The money’s in putting the race in front of as many people as possible, not milking their few remaining viewers for all they’re worth.

  • JWinter

    I hope we get to see Rossi race this before he gets too old. He seems to relish the challenge of the TT.
    Go Agostini too.

  • aoelus

    I think it was Phil Read who led the battle to remove the TT from the GP schedule and for good reason. That Yamaha would want to risk their biggest star in a potentially suicidal event is laughable. Even Ago said the only reason he entered was for the points.

  • Ian

    I seem to remember Rossi having issues about safety at Laguna Seca a couple years back, don’t know if he would be jumping at the chance to tackle the TT for real.. though it would be amazing to watch.

  • will


    I HAZ IT

  • ollieboy

    Ah Rossi, always the media whore..

  • carboncanyon

    Hey guys, I was just trying to be constructive, that’s all. Not trashing your site or your work.

    • http://Http:// Grant Ray

      No sweat.