Rossi Mugello 2009 helmet headed for limited production

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Rossi_Helmet_Mugello_2009.jpgValentino Rossi debuted a new helmet design this weekend, now AGV plans to reproduce it for a limited run of GP-Techs. His home circuit, memorable helmets are becoming a tradition for the World Champion at Mugello. Like last year’s AGV Rossi Face helmet, this design is meant to represent the fear and respect Vale has for the track. Depicting two gloved hands holding his head, the helmet also features images of his two bulldogs mimicking the pose on its back.

Update: We’ve added a second picture, showing the cute puppies on the back of the helmet, below.


    what will this helmet cost?

  • blankfocus

    hmmm…he’s had much better designs than this.

  • giovanni

    that is a very stupid design wow can’t believe it. Last years was cool. This is ridiculous. That is why Stoner won the race.

  • the_doctor

    Its cool that riders are able to design their own helmets, but maybe they shouldn’t. I think the best looking helmet to date is Kagayama’s Shoei X-Eleven. Rossi’s, not so much.

  • Alfonzo

    I thought it had more to do with his horrible Le Mans race. Like an “Oi Vey!” of sorts.