Spidi K-Net knee protectors augment denim

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Spidi_K-Net_Knee_Protectors.jpgWe know we shouldn’t, but a lot of the time we ride in jeans in place of dedicated motorcycle trousers. Even our 21oz Iron Hearts aren’t as safe as leather and armor. These Spidi K-Net knee protectors could make riding in jeans safer by offering easy-to-wear armor capable of fitting discretely underneath trousers. Contained in a mesh net and attaching with elastic straps, they’ll be quick and easy to put on and comfortable even on the hottest days. Just wear them under your jeans please.

Spidi via Grand Prix Legends

  • DrDreas

    Even your Iron Heart jeans aren’t as safe as leather? I’m pretty sure the Iron Heart jeans are pretty much no better than regular jeans, which lots of testing has confirmed are only marginally better than riding butt naked.

    Kevlar(or similar ballistic material) reinforced motorcycle jeans are the only thing that should be considered an acceptable substitute to full-on, armored leather or textile motorcycle pants.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Iron Heart jeans are actually built far beyond the specifications of normal jeans. As good as kevlar? No, but pretty close. Dainese used to carry awesome kevlar jeans, but they’ve been discontinued. We’re hoping they bring them back to production eventually.

  • http://www.johnsonleather.com/strap_on_leg.htm Dan

    I use the Forcefield Strap-On knee protectors under my jeans for my commute to work. Easy on/off without having to take a change of clothes to work.


  • Mike

    Do they also make a butt protector? Have you ever seen what asphalt does to denim when someone ends up sliding down the road on their arse? One trip to Helimot and checking out the photos on their “wall of shame” will put you off riding in jeans forever.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    gotta pass, can’t wear these under my girl pants.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    kevlar works, but I still had 2 raspberries on the knees for 2 weeks after a low-side on gravel. The kevlar did not tear, but the sliding friction still did a number on the skin. (which makes me doubt the draggin’ knees advertisement)

  • meatspin

    i only wear jeans cause leather is hot and goofy off the bike and the kevlar stuff I’ve seen just doesnt look fashionable. These companies really need to get with the times.

  • Matthew Sanders

    I’ve been using the Icon Field Armor knees under my Aramid Icon jeans for several years. The Sidi’s look pretty cheap to me.. just a foam CE protector in a mesh pocket that will dissolve the moment it hits the ground.. I’d rather have hard plastic and protection that extends down my shins. The Field Armors have abrasion resistant panels that wrap all the way around your lower leg. I have been down a few times in them and they’ve saved my skin and bones. I know in one instance I would have broken or severely mangled my shin had I not been wearing them. Now, I wear them on my commute every day. (There is no way I’d put on leather pants just to come to work though.)

  • Scott

    so these are what Wes sports to the after party.

  • Kevin White

    I also wear the Icon Field Armor leg pieces for my six mile backroad commute. I’ve received almost universal negative comments about them, but I appreciate what they do for me.

  • Beatpusher

    Plus one one the Icon stuff. I can wear the Field armor legs under their jeans and have good protection without looking like a power ranger. And for the guy talking about road rash on Your ass you should check out the icon field armor shorts.

  • Robert

    I have the Forcefield limbtube armor now and wear it under jeans. I am not happy at all with the single strap behind the knee and have been looking for alternatives – even if I wear them over my jeans and pop them off when I arrive.
    I see the Alpinestars: http://www.motostrano.com/albisxknpr.html
    Does the Icon armor interfere with circulation behind the knee?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Those Astars braces aren’t great, the kneecap protector gets stuck in the up or down position, leaving a huge gap unprotected. They’re also way to bulky to wear under jeans, they’re designed for MX use.

  • Kevin White

    I find the Icon pieces to be fairly comfortable. I’ve actually worn them all day at work once or twice after riding in, just to see what that was like and it wasn’t terrible, just a little uncomfortable after a few hours.

    Depends on the shape of your legs and the length of the trip I guess. But I have not noticed circulation problems myself.

  • ep

    The Dainese ones are way better.