Superbikers 1986: Lawson, Ward, Rainey, Carr, close racing and ratings success

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Superbikers_1986.jpgWe’re really failing to get into either MotoGP or SBK this season, probably because we can’t watch either on television. There was a time, however, when motorcycle racing was a ratings leader in this country. That show was called “Superbikers.” The race pitted world-class riders against the half dirt/half pavement track at Carlsbad Raceway. 1986 saw Ricky Graham racing Chris Carr, Bubba Shobert and Jeff Jones in the dirt bike heat and Eddie Lawson taking on Jeff Ward and Wayne Rainey. Hell, it’s worth it just to see Shobert’s cured meat emporium. I guess we have the kart race at Laguna this year…>

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  • JWinter

    You can catch Moto GP on pretty much every race. You just have to get up on Sunday morning to catch it live. I’s been worth it so far this year. Lorenzo is looking really ominous.

  • dave

    “and he does something called ‘highsiding’”!

    bubba shobert….


  • Cosby


    heheheh I’m going to name my 9th born Bubba.

  • 6mt

    WSBK? no way….rooting for haga baby….

  • Ben Part

    Great stuff.
    OK HFL what’s your theory on:
    Why the ‘Superbikers’ series died out?
    & why was it the French who breathed new life into the ashes & started ‘Supermotard’?
    - & was there any similar (17″ slicks on MX’rs) street scene in the States at that time?

  • v

    i can’t get moto gp on tv either,eurosport fucked up and it’s a shame since this is the first season in years worth watching
    you can get the races via torrent ..this guy and uploads gp races
    ps:the race at mugello was fantastic, i was at my edge of my seat right until the end

  • aoelus

    If you are not wildly into WSBK you don’t love America with Ben Spies showing the Euros how to ride a sport bike. There is a way to watch WSBK and MotoGP on EuroSport in the US, vastly superior to Speed as no commercial interruptions tho you do have to put up with the snide comments by the Brit announcers and a lot of air time for backmarker Brit riders. Rules don’t allow links to site.

  • George

    Not sure what you are talking about. You can watch MotoGP and WSBK on Speed (

    • aoelus

      You can watch part of the races. The part were they don’t show commercials. The SBK site offers the races free but as Speed pays for a feed, it’s blocked to US IP addresses. Bummer. EuroSport must be pay-for-view as no commercials. Watching it here entails a rip.

  • scott

    Carlsbad Raceway


  • SJY

    I am pretty sure you can watch the racing on SPEED, and I wish we had live coverage that was 1/10 the coverage of NASCAR. BBC has great coverage you might be able to pull out of the cloud of torrents.

    Superbikers was a really cool MADE FOR TV event, and that is why it had such great ratings. America needs a good made for TV event, oh wait we already have the X-Games, with events very similar to the Superbikers.

    Don’t forget to give Gavin Tripp his due credit for promoting the Superbikers.

  • macfarlane.a

    i absolutely <3 lispy dude explaining how “superbikes” are made.

    him getting towed off in a warlord-grade hilux (or was it a datsun?) made that segment.

  • blankfocus is the way to go to watch races. It sucks paying $100/year but the announcers are great and it’s worth it to me to see the races live without commercials.

    I DVR WSBK on SPEED and skip the commercials.

  • Stonygut

    Good to see Wayne Rainey walking around.

  • Adrian

    As George above said..Speed has both MGP and WSBK ..last Sunday they had ..250 and MotoGP from Mugello and both of hte WSBK rounds from Miller.

    ..if you are being snobbish about the standard of the commentary or Greg White, or both then you are missing out.

  • Hugh Pfabe

    Wow. I’d read about The Superbikers before, but never watched it.

    I would love to see them bring this back. I can just imagine it with some of the new Yamaha and KTM motard-type bikes (or a Ducati Hypermotard).

    Actually, doesn’t this seem like a PERFECT event to highlight the modified 450s that, I think, Roland Sands is pushing for? Where you take a 450 MXer and modify it into a motard or street racebike?
    I think last month’s Motorcyclist even featured a how-to on such conversions.