Team Agni wins inaugural TTXGP

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Team_Agni_Wins_TTXGP.jpgRiding the Agni X01, Rob Barber has won the first TTXGP. The 2007 GSX-R600-based electric motorcycle uses two Agni 95 reinforced motors and a Kokam lithium polymer battery of 42 cells totaling around 12 kilowatt-hours of energy. According to the team, this gave around 40 or 50bhp for the entire length of the race. Barber completed the lap in 25:53.50 averaging 87.434mph and maxing out at 97.8mph at the Sulby speed trap. This breaks the 50cc lap record that was set in 1971.

Update: full race results below.

Update 2: Chris Heath and Electric Motorsport had their disqualification overturned and are, in fact, the winners of the Open Class.
In second place is Thomas Schoenfelder riding for XXL racing, followed by Mark Buckley on the Brammo Enertia TTR.

In the open class, Chris Heath won for Electric Motorsport. Chris Heath has been disqualified, giving the win to Chris Petty and Barefoot Motors.

Pos 1   AGNI X01 (Rob Barber) – Time: 25:53:50 – Speed: 87.434
Pos 2   XXL Racing Team (Thomas Schoenfelder) – Time: 29:04:93 – Speed: 77.841
Pos 3   Brammo (Mark Buckley) – Time: 30:02:64 – Speed: 75.350
Pos 4   Mission Motors (Thomas Montano) – Time: 30:33:26 – Speed: 74.091
Pos 5   HTBlauva (Paul Dobbs) – Time: 36.10.63 – Speed: 62.575
Pos 6   Brunel X-team (Stephen Harper) – Time: 56:27:89 – Speed: 40.092
OPEN Class
Pos 1   Electric Motorsport (Chris Heath) – Time: 34:17:30 – Speed: 66.022
Pos 2   Barefoot Motors (Chris Petty) – Time: 36:23:06 – Speed: 62.219
Pos 3   TORK (John Crellin) – Time: 37:26:01 – Speed: 60.475

Two riders, Chris Heath (Electric Motorsport) and Paul Dobbs (HTBlauva), who were originally disqualified, were unaware that they were required to sound horns while racing under yellow flags and the overall result was not in any way influenced by their actions.

  • riderP5

    Disappointed to see so many teams struggling, but guess that’s the way it goes for new tech and racing in general. Can’t wait to see the development of this segment and where it will be next time around… now if I can just find a video of the race itself.

    • Wes Siler

      Tell me about it. We’ll bring you video later today.

  • Brammofan

    I would love to see that video, Wes! Congrats to all the teams. Their hard work and innovation made this an exciting event.

  • chili sv

    Do you guys have any background info on Agni or XXL?

    • Wes Siler

      Nothing beyond what’s on the TTXGP website.

    • Frank Dziersk

      Team XXL are from Germany located near Kassel. The Guys converted a Zane Laverda form the 90s:

      Obviously they did a great job. Congrats

  • Hosenpants

    Thanks for all the info HfL.

    I wonder if anyone is organizing a similar event for other legendary events – a few laps at the Suzuka 8 or Laguna Seca maybe.

  • Domenick

    Chris Heath was re-instated as open class winner.

  • Glenn

    “Including full race commentary link” (audio only)

    Long live and roll on next years TTXGP!

  • ehpawk

    hmm, i think ill be going to that ttxgp at mid-ohio. what a great weekend to go visit the family then mid-ohio is only 45 min from them. wes if ya want some pics ill try and get ya some.

  • MrGreen

    This is very cool. These speeds are far less than the superbikes, but higher than the vast, vast majority of people would ever want to ride on those country roads.

    This really does suggest how quickly the “green economy” may replace the old dirty kill-the-planet lifestyle we have all been living. Its nice to see we can soon have a choice.

    Not that electric is really all that zero emissions, we know that. But its a start. Cover your garage with next generation solar cells and be able to drive all day. No longer seems such a pipe dream.

    OK, I’ll pass the pipe now.

  • robotribe

    Great start. This the future, and it’s happening in bigger leaps than I.C.E. vehicle evolution ever did. I’m not going to toss my gasoline powered bikes any time soon, but doubt I’ll have to wait more years than I can count on one hand for an electric bike to come along that’ll be worth my money.

  • meatspin

    they were interviewing lynch after the race and man, that guy had some horrible looking teeth.