TTXGP hold first Isle of Man practice

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The TTXGP held its first multi-bike practice at the Jurby circuit on the Isle of Man today. The real race takes place on the public roads of the Mountain Course on Friday. No word on lap times or performance figures, but we should start hearing that on Monday when the electric bikes hit the real circuit for the first time.


Thanks for the tip, Craig

  • aoelus

    Odd that they weren’t allowed to practice on the Mountain Circuit. I expect they are assessing their potential as riders and machines. Qualifying starts on the 8th. which will be their first laps on the mountain course. Good Luck!

  • ollieboy

    Looking at the picture where all the bikes are parked together it struck me that it must be pretty awesome to be a part of this in its gestation.. I’d imagine that there would be a whole lot of interest between teams and support for one another amongst the rivalry

  • Foreigner1

    Here comes the future…
    This is one race I’ll follow.

  • will

    That had to have been the weirdest sounding track day…ever.

  • Remy

    I love the shot of the dude riding around on top of a computer.