TTXGP race footage finally arrives

Dailies -


Agni_X01_TT.jpgPhoto:  SkyFireDPL

Better late than never, here’s race footage from this morning’s all-electric TTXGP.


  • tzed

    First of many I hope.
    I’m impressed so many finished, I honestly had doubts any would…

  • DoctorNine

    Absolutely fantastic. I’ve been waiting for the 21st Century. I think it just arrived.

    • will

      And they sound exactly like the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi. Best. Case. Scenario.

  • Tyler

    brilliant, i am excited to see this race 10 years from now.

  • skvltr

    Really disappointed in the minimal coverage…what happened to Motoczysz?

  • John Middlemas

    Retired early on in the race, but a fast machine apparently. Also retired in practice 1 but qualified in practice 2 with slow overall time due to battery fading out near the end

  • Jenner

    Great stuff! I hope they have more of these, yeah and they sound great.

  • drjohndee

    Not often you get to see such a defining single moment in the history of technology. I’m hugely excited and moved. Can’t believe there wasn’t more (any?) coverage in the mainstream media, this was a HUGE deal. If it’d been cars…

  • g.romay

    we wish the very best to all the competitors in this series and expect to see them all and more next year

  • bkr. ct

    the fim guys must start an ELECTRO.GP next year… will be awesome…… any fim dude reading that?

  • hjworton

    Considering how this was all put together in a very short period of time, the results are impressive. Shame for the Motoczysz that it did not finish – no point being fast if you don’t make the chequered flag – but kudos to the small Agni team for their victory. Lets hope it is the beginning of huge things.

    The bikes are too quiet by the way. Can you imagine the accidents in the real world ? “I never heard OR saw the bike coming” they’ll have to build in some sound for safety sake if this whole thing ever takes off.

    • Grant Ray

      We’ve actually had the silence debate on several of our articles about electric bikes now, so I apologize if this comes off abruptly. I’m just alarmed at how many riders consider exhaust noise as a safety feature.

      Silence is not a safety issue. Your trust in other drivers being competent enough to not kill you is.

      Sound-proofed cabins, stereo systems capable of 80 db as a standard feature, cellular conversations both hand-held and hands-free, screaming children, childrens beepingbuzzing toys, loud-mouthed adults, any combination of the aforementioned.

      If you’re depending in any way on the exhaust noise from your bike to save your life, then I’m afraid you’re doing it wrong.

  • doning

    LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!