World first zero-emissions road race captured in photos

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The TTXGP ran at the Isle of Man TT today, marking the first-ever zero-emissions road race. 15 bikes entered, nine bikes finished. The fastest, Team Agni completed the 37.7-mile Mountain Course in a little under 26 minutes, averaging 87mph and breaking the 50cc lap record in the process. It was enormously impressive to see so many teams enter the race, even if their overall performance was lackluster compared to the gas-powered machines. Internal combustion motorcycles have been racing at the Isle of Man for 102 years, do you still think they’ll be faster than electrics 102 years from now?

  • What does it matter

    You guys need to change the name of your website to “Hell for Electric” because that’s all you talk about. Your coverage of these bikes at TT is about as cool as keeping up on the WNBA.

    • Isaac

      Wow it appears that ‘What does it matter’ doesn’t have the bravery to give his name next to something immature that he wrote.

      Anyway, I am glad you guys are covering this. Thankyou so much and please keep doing it. I used to be pessimistic about E-Bikes but I am starting to see the massive potential yet unlocked by these machines.

  • Dennis

    Yes, please stop cover revolutionary stuff that deals with motorcycling. I mean, what were you thinking?! ;)

  • johnny

    they probably will be faster in 100 years, as there’ll be no petrol left! I love the revolution of electric motorcycles, it will be great for the sport, but for me nothing will ever replace the sound and feel of a nice petrol engine with an aftermarket exhaust .