Yamaha vs. Yamaha: Rossi battles Lorenzo at Catalunya

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Rossi_Lorenzo_Catalunya_2009.jpgPhoto: MotoGP

Last year’s race-long battle between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner was probably the best racing we’ve ever seen in MotoGP, but the last two laps of yesterday’s Catalunya Grand Prix are a close second. Nice to see that Yamaha doesn’t have any team orders. Video of the last two laps below.

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  • wedge

    Amazing. Absolutly Amazing

  • jwinter

    I was streaming this yesterday morning and that last lap was just epic. I was pulling for Rossi but I am very partial to Lorenzo too. This season has been pretty great so far and I only see it getting better.
    Glad to see them hug on the podium, Lorenzo seems a lot more mature than Stoner, methinks (see post-Laguna Seca footage).

    • Aksel

      Where do you stream it from? Do you pay motoGP access online. I usually download torrents, but I’m traveling and hotspots usually disable PnP ports.

      • JWinter

        This last race didn’t have any official English feeds but the Japanese feed had English in the right-hand channel and Japanese on the left. I just had one side of the headphones on.
        I will be really sad if they disappear because I can’t resist finding out who won before it is either on tv or I can get the torrent.

  • http://www.selfedge.com kiya

    That was the most intense few minutes of racing i’ve seen in a long while.

  • Adrian

    Awesome racing, it looked like a 250 race with the lead swapping.

    Jorge showed his future greatness but Vale showed us that he has still got it and is the man to beat, hopefully he will get his 100th at Assen.

  • Ben

    Incredible. I’ve never been a Yamaha fan, but you can’t help but be a Rossi fan.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Truly intense. Only on motorcycles.

  • bkr. ct

    i think 106, 106, 106….and rossi win is more cool

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    I think I held my breath for the last 3 laps! Holy crap Rossi has clearly met a formidable challenger, but experience won out in this case.

    I think Jorge has a good attitude and will probably take the championship once Rossi retires.

    Pedrossa, who I thought was going to be the next Rossi, is in fact turing into the next Biaggi.

    • jwinter

      I think the difference between Lorenzo, on one hand, and Pedrosa and Stoner on the other is that Pedrosa and Stoner don’t have the battle that Rossi does. They are both very fast when properly set up but they aren’t great battlers. Look at Laguna last year, it was a great battle but it was mostly Rossi doing the actual battling. Lorenzo, on the other hand, is Rossi’s equal in a battle. He’s almost his equal in charisma. I totally agree that he will skate once Rossi retires. Until then, it is going to be great viewing.
      I am happy they at least seem amiable because I really like them both.

  • SJY

    I just want to point out that this battle with Lorenzo was to the very last turn during the very last lap, while the battle with Stoner at Laguna was somewhat anti-climatic. Stoner crashed with five laps to go, handing Rossi the win before the checkered flag. Lorenzo fought till the end.

    I just wanted to bring up the point. I am not saying one is better than the other. Although the argument could be made that the battle with Lorenzo at Catalunya this year was a bigger challenge for Rossi.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Laguna last year was very anti-climatic, but god, I’ve never seen someone pass through the dirt on the corkscrew before.

      This race showed incredible talent, but was very clean and precise in comparison.

      See you at Laguna next month?

    • JWinter

      Laguna ending was not the climax this was but those first 5-10 laps were pretty intense. I think I liked yesterday better though. I was having heart palpitations the entire last lap and I would have been happy with either one of them winning.

  • http://raresportbikesforsale.com RareSportBikesForSale

    As Tommy Boy once said, “That… Was… Totally… AWESOME!!” I can feel the adrenaline just watching!


  • http://muthalovin.com The_Doctor

    @Sasha Pave: Padrosa is very much like the next Biaggi, good call.

    @RareSportBikesForSale: I am so glad that it wasn’t just me with the palpitations.

    This race was amazing to watch, and was intense from the start. Racing at its best, between teammates at a legendary track. Rad to the power of sick!


    I have the race on DVR and I must have watched the last 3 laps 1/2 dozen times after the race ended. Just an amazing, epic battle, totally engrossing to watch the “old” Rossi battle with his younger self.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    I’ll join the chorus here..it was epic!

    The announcers were yelling and jumping around and it was awesome. Then I watched (a two week old) AMA race and almost fell asleep from the horrific commentary.

    I wish I lived in Europe.

  • v

    the ending was ohh so good but the rest of the race was so and so..compared to mugello which had me squeling like a little girl since i won the bet..my money was on lorenzo for this one..sadly i’ve lost :( btw i’ve watched the race at a sports bar which had two screens..one with the race and the other one showed battles between the other riders and shots of the wild crowd and man i can’t believe stoner managed to hold on to third he was more in demand than a hooker on navy day,saw him at the finish line he nearly colapsed from exhaustion.and i don’t know what drugs they fed pedrosa before the race to keep him going in that condition but i want some..makes me think in disgust at those fakers in soccer who collapse in tears at the slightest touch
    ps:for all you streamers remember that the dutch race is on Saturday not the usual sunday http://www.motogp.com/en/events/Netherlands/2009

  • vipindas

    yes yes rossi rossiiiiiiiiii he can only do it hats off to him for a cheerful drive wow amazing

  • kevin

    2nd best finish I’ve ever seen.
    1st is below, the fight lasted the last 6 laps or so, lead changed 15 times, AND they hated each other.


  • kristo

    great war!!!!!!

  • Dave 1.

    What Valentino Rossi has done for Yamaha is awesome,Yamamha were in the Doll drums for nearly 15 years after The Rainey and Lawson days.Honda says their bikes are the stars and it’s not the rider who is the star and Rossi didn’t feel wanted by Honda.Honda had told Rossi If You leave us You win never win a World Championship again on another manafacture of Bike,Oh and What did Rossi do in the first two seasons at Yamaha,he won the world championship 04 and 05.So it proves it’s the rider who is the difference.The Repsol Honda’s were far a better Bike Than the Yamaha’s But Rossi Has that determination to get everything he can out of a less competitive bike.Now with Rossi’s influence Yamaha has caught up to Honda. When Rossi retires and if Lorenzo leaves for Honda-I think Yamaha will struggle to win again,They need to hang to Lorenzo but he’s not happy Because Rossi keeps beating him and he feels unwanted by Yamaha.