2010 BMW S1000RR priced at $13,800

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BMW has set US pricing for the 193bhp, 404lbs (dry) 2010 BMW S1000RR at just $13,800, placing it in direct competition with the $12,390 2009 Yamaha R1 and the $12,899 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000. The optional ABS brakes cost $1,000, but add only 5.5lbs to the overall weight, bringing that in more expensive, but lighter than the $13,999, 461lbs (wet) 2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS. >

BMW_S1000RR_price.jpgOther options are the ABS and Dynamic Traction Control combo ($1,480), quick shifter ($450), alarm ($395) and the so-much-better-looking-it-should-be-mandatory red, white and blue paint ($750). Look for US deliveries to begin in December.


  • Hosenpants

    It’s also a shade under MSRP for a Ducati 848. Nice work on the pricing. I can see a fair number of well-taken-care-of, always garaged, as stock, one owner, Japanese liter bikes appearing in the pre-owned aisle of your local BMW dealer by this time next year.

  • http://mtv.com Cheri

    That’s great. In fact, that’s so great I think I just started liking a BMW more than a puffy-hearted Ducati.

    Too bad about the standard colors belonging in a used diaper…

  • Isaac

    Wow that is truley incredible! Very competitive pricing for being a BMW. I wonder if they will do an ‘M’ class and call if the M1000RR and add some Oly bits and mag wheels?

    Anyway my R6 should cover 45% of the bikes cost!

    Can’t wait for them to hit the SRF. I’ll be opting for the red/blue/white or black.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    CRACKPIPE! Er, wrong site.

  • Mitch

    ^ Back to Jalopnik with you

    I was also going to say they should put some M Power livery on it, because if any BMW bike is an M, it’d be this one. Though, while I eventually came around on this color on the E46 M3, can’t say it does much for me here.

  • vic

    how much for a matching headlight?
    just kidding it’s a great bike with a great price(out of those options i would have the TC and for 750$ i could have the bike painted by a specialist),asymetry can be great in motorcycles(just looks at the mv f4) and it’s a nice looking machine except for that headlight,looking at the front pic it just strikes me as something deeply wrong,almost as a joke,they could have gone with the single headlight solution like the hp2

  • RiderP5

    When I was 16 I promised myself I’d own a BMW M3 by the time I was 40. Now that this bike is out and affordable, if I could just learn to respect its power I think it would be an adequate substitute.