2010 Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX: for European cities only

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The CityX has always been one of the most stand-out models in Buell’s already unique range. The 2010 Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX adds the ubiquitous 93bhp, 77lb/ft 1203cc Sportster-derived V-twin to the CityX’s upright chassis, iMac-influenced translucent bodywork and supermoto-inspired styling cues. That’s a 13bhp, 19lb/ft advantage for only a 2kg weight penalty (the XB12SX weighs just 179kg dry).
We’ve found the regular Buell XB12S to be a near-ideal city bike, so
the brush guards and grippy-from-cold Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires
should make it just about perfect. Just watch out for wheelies.

Like the rest of the 2010 Buell range, the XB12SX receives a revised
front brake caliper,  new rear turn signals and an LED taillight.


  • Rainman

    “iMac-influenced,” eh? That CRT-based iMac, introduced in 1998 was discontinued in 2002 when the LCD version with the bulby base came out and itself discontinued in 2004. Way to be 11 years behind the march of technology, Eric: “ooh, let’s shove the bigger engine that no one will actually need in urban riding situations into a bike that was designed a decade ago.” That’s not product development, that’s a death knell. No wonder HD posted a 30% sales decrease since 2008 – regardless of the recession, they rode the hillbilly/babyboomer wave that broke two years ago and is receding fast.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      While we agree with your criticisms, it’s important to note that Erik’s not to blame. Look to the people writing his checks if you want to figure out why Buell can’t produce more and better bikes.

  • Rainman

    I understand – wonder if he regrets selling the company and that’s why he crushed the blast…

  • Scott


    the City X is the only Buell I would ride.

  • zanon

    CityX is an awesome fun bike. I love mine–but it isn’t that popular. Too many folks prefer 600s etc.

  • iluvstats

    …er…might want to look into Rainman’s numbers. Yes, HD sales were down 30% for the last year but in case it’s gone unnoticed there has been a worldwide economic recession. Sales of big bikes in the US over the same period were down almost 50%. Japanase manafactured bikes were down over 60% wordlwide, and almost 50% domestically. In those terms, HD sales were not bad at all. Buells aren;t particularly techy, but they have an avid and loyal fanbase for some very good reasons. Erik knows exactly why people like his bikes, and makes them accordingly.