Alpinestars launching Nero for North America in New Orleans

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nolanero.jpgAlpinestars is launching its range-topping Nero brand on August 1st in America’s most humid, damp, sticky hot city during the peak of summer. Called the “Linen & Leather” party, the event coincides with New Orleans’ elegant “White Linen Night,” an annual massive dress party for the arts in the Central Business District. Alpinestars is teaming up with our pals The Transportation Revolution, who are hosting the event at their spot on Julia Street, as well as bikes by Roland Sand Design. Supposedly the launch is about fashion, bikes and the “celebration of visual art and the community.” Come on guys, we all know this thing is ending with debauchery in the French Quarter bathrooms of Flanagan’s Pub. Well, that’s what we’d do.

Alpinestars via TTRNO

Alpinestars suits are available on Amazon
  • General Apathy

    Doesn’t do much for me… I am riding a bike guys, not clubbin!

  • Grant Ray

    White Linen has nothing to do with clubs or “clubbing.” It’s held on one of the oldest streets in one of the oldest port cities in America, attended by thousands.

    Motorcycle culture exists both on and off your bike.

  • Give fleece a chance

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss the target market: There are many of us in NYC who need decent clothes in which we can commute to work. Unfortunately, most of what’s available now leaves us looking either like a Transformer or an axe murderer.

  • Chris Snyder

    This shit might work in NYC! Good on ya!
    Fuckin’ Hell! Have you looked at the Nero webpage?
    While this sort of stuff might be ok in downtown Milan or NYC, see what wearing Nero clothes gets you in downtown Hazard, KY

  • Ben(pi)

    Are they releasing more designs at the event? All I see is 2 jacket designs in 3-4 different fabrics (roughly the same for the womens stuff), and some rather interesting boots. Could be cool, but nothing I see having a big party over.

    Hey Chris, I think the gold lame boots would be a hit in Hazard, KY, but then again, I could be wrong.

  • hoyt

    This has been a long time coming, especially with the footwear.

    Time to start saving

  • Mitch

    I am curious why they decided to put a (stylized) toe slider on their Nero boots; certainly, one should not be riding at 9/10s in Nero gear, and the inclusion of that plate reveals the intended purpose of a garment I thought was designed to conceal as such.

  • Steve F

    I used to live in New Orleans, and man, I think the models should get hazard pay for putting on gear on a summer night.

    I wore a linen chauffeur’s jacket on Halloween, and I thought I was going to melt.

    I guess any sacrifice for fashion. I do like the Convertible Jacket, although hi-zoot scooter urban culture doesn’t really exist in America. Our film is The Wild One, not Quadrophenia.

  • geonerd

    Props for trying new stuff. The pointy shiny tipped footwear is totally unacceptable. Even for New Yorkers.

  • hoyt

    The local cycle supply store pulled out the Alpinestars catalog & the “Harlem” boot looks good. Not part of the Nero collection as far as i can tell, but worth checking out