Aprilia plans mid-size sportsbikes by 2012

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Aprilia_600.jpgPiaggio issued its development plan for 2009-2012 on Friday and while most of the news is relatively boring, there is one extremely interesting tidbit.

As for motorcycles, the Group intends to work on the growth of
different brand names, also through the development of sport bikes with
mid-sized engines.

It’d only be speculation to guess a capacities and configurations, but
since Aprilia is Piaggio’s sportsbike brand and participates in
Superbike racing as a way to market its products, it’d make sense for
that mid-size sportsbike to fit into current racing classes.

Piaggio via MC24.no

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some non-racing-class-sized sportbikes with Gilera or Derbi on them, either.

    Odds on any of them becoming available in the US?

  • lago

    A slimmer 600cc V4 version of the RSV4 could be an impressively nimble bike.

    • Cynic

      That would be way to cool… never going to happen. =)

  • JR

    let’s see that awesome little v-twin they use in their dirtbikes in a sportbike frame (550cc I think??)

    now THAT would be cool

  • vic

    bring back the rs250

    • Isaac

      If they did, it would have to bee a 500cc just to equal the old school power of the 2-stroker’s

      It would be awesome to see a 600cc V-4. Big brother already throws down a buck ninety. Junior may kick out 115-125hp.

  • deckard

    Hmm, based on these parameters it could be a 600cc inline4 or V4, a 675cc triple, or a 750cc twin. Perhaps a hotted up Shiver motor in a supersport chassis? I’d be interested in the for sure.

  • drjohndee

    I reckon something based on the Shiver engine is most likely. Can’t see them jumping straight into competition with the Japanese 600s. Shiver’s a cool bike but it’s never looked like the final application for that engine.

  • JR

    Can’t see Aprilia going for an inline 4 or triple… not their style.

    I’d bet on the Shiver 750cc being used at first, and then maybe down the line the 600cc V4 that everyone wants to see.

    Same kind of progression as their big bike.

  • geonerd

    It’s about farking time. Shiver V4 FTMFW.

  • generic1776

    But we won’t see it in the USA. Why compete with our pricing we have here? Besides, while they have dealers for their current fleet of bikes, finding parts is a challenge. My friend was extatic when he picked up a used RSV, but the parts trail is nearly non-existent.

    • Hosenpants

      generic1776: This will be the biggest challenge no matter how cool their bikes can be.

      I handle web duties for an Italian bike shop and they just took back on Aprilia. They had ‘em for years, great bikes and made really well, but when you can’t get oil filters or replace scratched up mirrors from a tip over – well, they let ‘em go. Fast forward to yesterday and the Shivers and Mana and Dorsoduros just showed up and every one is looking forward to the RSV4. My client, the owner, says that Piaggio swears up and down that parts and support will be there. I frikken’ hope so. The bikes look cool, are uncommon, the Brits love ‘em when they review ‘em – just get us parts. How hard is that??

      That Roland Sands small Aprilia twin road course special is up at the shop – looks super nice.

  • Gary Sideburn

    Aprilia own the Laverda name, but I think that’s more regarded as a big bike name, not middleweight, but who knows?

  • Ceolwulf

    450 please?

  • marius

    I hope it will be a single in the 600cc range,who remenbers KTM RC4 , Cagiva Mito 500 or Subaru momocylinder sportbike, it’s about time to see a proposal in this market niche