Aprilia Tuono V4 spied at Misano

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We promise not to bring you spy shots of the Aprilia Tuono V4 from every track in Italy, but these new photos are much clearer than the one shot at Mugello last week. What’s there to say? It’s an Aprilia RSV4 R with the fairing torn off and an ugly little headlight unit — similar to that on the Aprilia Dorsoduro — stuck on the front. Judging by how raw everything looks here (check the radiator overflow bottle), this new Tuono will probably gain a little bit of plastic cladding over some of the less appealing oily bits. And damn, that exhaust is huge.

via Motociclismo.it

  • Ben

    Not to nitpick, but huge doesn’t cover it. Holy hell.

    Guess this is V4 number two in my list of, “Lets wait and see what the final project is – pleasedontsuckpleasedontsuck” dreams.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    It looks like they picked up that exhaust pipe on the shoot of Terminator or something. Wicked.

  • Isaac

    I think it’s one of the T-600′s fingers or it’s….

  • drjohndee

    Getting harder and harder to get bikes through Euro emissions/noise regs, resulting in some truly hideous exhaust systems in the last couple of years. And the attitude of “it’s gonna be junked by most owners within five minutes anyway, so it doesn’t matter how ugly it looks” is turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    These fugly systems are signs of the end times for internal combustion. Like the increasingly tortuous ad hoc maths they kept coming up with to keep the earth-centric universe limping on as long as it did.

    Catalyic converter gets rid of CO … turns it to CO2 … oops.

    Stop patching up and patching up. Just dump the whole idea for something that works better.

  • http://www.dainese.com DaineseDan

    I wouldn’t make any judgements yet. This is a test mule. I’d be amazed if the bike looks like this in it’s production form, as the designer Ing. Galluzi has stated that this bike will have many design cues lifted off of the FV2 show bike.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Here’s the Aprilia FV1200. The tail on the RSV4/Tuono is already straight off that bike and you can see clear influences in the tank. What else is left?

      • Ben

        I believe the “total package appeal” might be what we’re looking for. That said, this wouldn’t surprise me as the current Tuono looks like a mess. Great bike, though.