Batman motorcycle suit: the suit bikers deserve, not the suit they need

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Batman_Motorcycle_Suit.jpgRemember the fat, worthless Batmen at the beginning of “The Dark Knight?” Well now you be just like them and pretend to be a superhero too. This replica Batsuit is built from a heavy-duty Cordura base with four-way stretch inserts to accommodate Batbellies. Onto that are sewn molded leather and Kevlar plates, complete with wrist spikes if not nipples. Impact protection is provided by internal CE body armor. The full suit includes a jacket, pants, gloves and boots (not pictured). It’s probably not the most practical item of safety gear, but why so serious?

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Thanks for the tip, Stacy.

  • Core

    In it’s own little way its very cool.

  • http://Http:// Dirtbag Stu

    In it’s own little way, it’s exactly what I need. Too bad it’s not enough for the SCTA. Batman needs to make an appearance on the salt flats

  • Mr.P

    Do you think they will make the Adam West beer belly version?

  • syd

    I think my superhero dreams are coming true. now for a catwoman (armoured) suit…

  • Stacy

    While I did send in the tip, I can’t claim credit for the suit despite its marvelous Batbelly-friendly design.

    To the Batcave, so I can don my Bathelmet and ride into Battle!

  • the_doctor

    Meh, call me when there is a Green Lantern suit. Power Rings, FTW!

  • Isaac

    I buy one but I’d have to remove the arm blades.

  • M.P.

    Expect to see these on lowered Hayabusas in, 3…2…

  • macfarlane.a

    All well and good, but why doesn’t it come with hockey pants?

  • chili sv

    How do you zip it up? Do you have to remove the batzier first?

  • Daniel

    Let’s see now.

    This suit.
    Element Bluetooth helmet.
    Harley Davidson Night Rod Special.

    Oh yeah.

    This will work. Yes. It will.

  • Nick

    I’d rather ride in pajamas and fluffy bunny slippers. Mind you I might now need to ride in an incontinence diaper in case I come across someone wearing that and I wet my pants with laughter.

  • g.romay

    well if you get rid of the wrist spikes and cover the bat logo you end up with a crazy but interesting leather suit, eliminating that batman identity nonsense it could look like some nice leathers, maybe a little too flashy.
    I always though batman looked like he was wearing a motorcycle leather suit…

  • Blackchurch

    Batman wouldn’t be caught dead riding a Harley. Talk about an outdated, heavy, horrible performing, expensive pile of crap. He’d ride a blacked out KTM RC8!

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