Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle enters production

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The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle has officially entered production, with the first model, a white one, rolling of the Ashland, Oregon line yesterday. You can order yours now for $11,995 and sales will begin at select Best Buys in the Northwest later this month. Make sure you check out our interview with Brammo founder Craig Bramscher and our test ride of the bike. Above, you’ll find a gallery of every color available.


  • the_doctor

    Is that Roulette Green? Man, I loves me that color. $12k is more than I would ever want to spend at Best Buy.

  • Chris

    For $12k I’d just have a Speed Triple. Sorry.

  • Lowell Goss

    The Brammo is simply way over-priced. It could be a great around town machine for about $3,499. At $12k it just doens’t make any sense. It’s also significantly more expensive to the Zero S, which I think might be cooler.

    • Wes Siler

      You’re paying for the batteries’ they’re a fixed cost. The premium over the Zero is due to the components, which are much higher specification.

  • Oscar

    Too much money and not enough performance, flexibility or usability. But I’m sure that’ll change with time and development.

  • Marshall

    I just read in a Euro bike mag that Brammo’s CEO originally set out to build a V12 Gas guzzling supercar company that could fit larger people such as himself. He went out to buy a ferrari and felt cramped and wanted to make a supercar that would fit larger people.

    In the same time he became a licensed Ariel Atom dealer and then looked into electric motors to put into Ariel Atom chassis due to his attraction to the linear torque of electric motors. He figured out electric motors were not practical for long distance yet and figured they were currently better suited for motorcycles. Thus Brammo went from another supercar company to the commuter electric motorcycle company.

    • Wes Siler

      Dude. You can pay $10 for some anonymous euro bike mag but not read our Craig Bramscher Interview?

      • Grant Ray

        Down South, they’d say he was a day late and a dollar short.

  • Isaac

    That bike it hiteous but the technology is great! Maybe if they sold a bike like their TTIOM machine I’d consider it. 12K? that’s really shooting for the moon. I think only Prius owning Starbucks drinking rich people will buy it as a statement bike. I could be wrong about that or right entirely.