Buell 1125RR: for AMA American Superbike privateers only

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Buell_1125RR.JPGHave an AMA race license, the urge to compete in American Superbikes on an American superbike and $39,995 burning a hole in your pocket? Well then, Buell’s got the bike for you. The Buell 1125RR is designed to be a turnkey entry for privateer racers.
The 1125RR uses a modified version of the Rotax 1125cc v-twin found in
the regular Buell 1125R and Buell 1125CR, here with a larger airbox and
intake manifold, revised valves and camshafts, a higher compression
ratio, titanium exhaust system, 61mm down-draft injectors.

On the chassis side, the fuel-containing frame remains the same as the
production bike, but is fitted with race-spec Showa suspension, a
cast-aluminum swingarm with billet axle adjusters and an upgraded
eight-piston Nissin front caliper.

For those of you as confused as us by DMG’s racing classes, American Superbike is the class with CBR1000RRs, ZX-10s, RSV1000Rs, 1125Rs and slick tires, not the class with CBR600RRs, ZX-6s, RSV1000Rs, 1125Rs and DOT tires.


  • http://www.meetup.com/SoCal-Buell-Riders/ SoCal Buell Riders

    Finally! It’s about time Buell had something to put up against the big boys. Looking forward to this weekend and Mid-Ohio!

    • Mr Honda

      who does this Erick buell guy think he is. In Japan he small potatoes. We will steal buell ideas and beat them with them. I have all the money to do it by paying the most expensive rider. Besides as long as this redneck americans keep buyign my cheap bikes I will make money

  • geonerd

    They must have improved on the ZTL braking system a lot. I didn’t realize Eslick was using it for AMA racing. I remember racers complaining about it being wooden and then fading quickly. Nice to see a Buell with a chain drive.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      They use the chain on race bikes because it’s easier to swap sprockets. The belt would actually deliver lower rotating mass.

      • Ben(pi)

        Wes, are you sure about rotating mass bit? The sprockets for belt drive bikes seem to weight considerably more than the chain drive sprockets, negating the weight savings of belt vs chain. At the same time, the large belt drive sprocket on the wheel has the weight towards the outside, increasing the moment of enertia. Lemme know if I’m completely wrong.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          Just going on what Erik told me.

  • Sean Jordan

    I wish Buell could build a competitive bike without doing fancy homologation specials and favorable rules.

    • Adrian

      Sean …Buell didn’t make the rules.They are just trying to build a competitive bike within the current rules, you don’t have to buy one.

  • MTGR

    I might be wrong, but I seem to recall that race teams weighing all the parts of a belt system, including sprockets, against the chain system found the belts system is several pds less weight overall. Also, if the axle can be fixed in place (no need for adjusting as on a Buell) then the axle/swingarm assembly can be made lighter for the same amount of rigidity since you need no adjuster assemblies and can lock the axle in place. But, gearing and wheelbase can’t be changed as easily and, arguably, there are situations where the tension on a belt might impact suspension movement more.

  • aeolus

    With WSBK allowing extra cc for a twin the only quibble would be the street availability but as the Buell looks to be pretty much stock anyway (chassis and brakes) what’s the harm. They’r not going to beat Maladin anyway.

  • M.P.

    $40k for a over done, special rules having air comperssor. No thanks. Who can ride it to foruth anyway?

  • I make sense

    Crap. New ama rules are killing racing as we know it. How can you run an 1125 in both classes?? wtf?? Seems like buell somehow has free pass. Contradicts current ama rules for street licensed bikes in superbike as well. Doesn’t really matter as it will break down anyway. What was buell’s recent press release calling japanese bikes one off race bikes or something?

  • Zeitgeist

    DMG must of taken some good koolaid or $$ from HD/Buell. Based on their own rule book this bike is in eligible for this year or next as it is not street legal. Excerpt from rule book:

    AMA Pro American Superbike motorcycles must be street certified for use in the United States and be available at the time of competition from U.S. retail dealers. There must be sufficient quantity available such that any person wanting to buy one for racing purposes can do so in a timely fashion. … Importation must be completed by June 1st of the current season.

    So I expect every Buell dealer in the network to have one on the floor and ready for a test ride or ride home if I decide to purchase one. Hell even the Ducati “R” models come with lights and a horn. What F%$King joke this whole series has become. It is very similar with what HD/Buell did with the Pro Thunder/BEAR series in the late 90s. Change the rules to eliminate the competiton which at that time were the Suzuki TL1000s and the Triumph T595. After the rule change the series which had been pretty fun to watch and race in was just depressingly boring.

    Wes you guys being the media should be the ones pointing out these things not just buying the hype. I realize its a fine line for media and OEM relations but if its just pure propaganda and it goes with out being mentioned then maybe you could respectfully refuse to run it. Other sites that have this story all bring up the same issues I have and much more detailed.

    I really like your site and like what you all are trying to do but sometimes its kind of “DOUGH!” moment.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      It’s a conspiracy!

      Honestly, I don’t see why people are getting worked up about this. Do you really think you can walk into a showroom and buy the same CBR1000RR that’s being raced in the series? Like this bike, it’s going to have had oodles of engine work and fancy suspension.

      Buell, even though they’re owned by HD, is a relatively small company. I’m more excited to see them racing competitively than I’m concerned about precise rules.

      Having said that, the real story is the degree to which DMG has blurred the classes into a confusing mire. As a fan, I shouldn’t have to refer to a guide to tell the classes apart every time I write about them.

  • Zeitgeist

    Conspiracy, hardly its policy. If you look through the history of the AMA and HD they have been cozy for years. The VR1000 comes to mind to those of a more recent generation. That bike was never for street use in the USA. I think Poland was the only country it homologated for. But Ducati was excluded for its Superbike until the SP3s which were street legal in the USA.

    Accoriding to DMG/AMA yes I should be able to walk into a dealership and buy the same bike. Yes the big teams go through them and blueprint them and tune them and that takes money and time. But according to the rules they have to start with a street legal bike. Not a purpose built “R” model. But the spirit, right or wrong is that they are PRODUCTION machines readily available for the public. Where are the Triumph 675s? Oh they are not legal since Triumph did not “consult” with DMG to insure the legality of their machine. But it is still considered a middleweight bike by media and industry standards.

    I agree DMG/AMA has really screwed up the series and I completely agree with you on that. But to say they do not give special treatment to a company like Buell is a bit naive. In the past when I worked for OEMs it was known that in dealing with the AMA and racing money talks. I do not doubt much has changed in that respect with the DMG group given their actions and statements about how they want to change the sport.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      So tacking an “R” onto the 1125R somehow indicates that it’s a bike you can’t buy?

      I’m not saying sponsorhip and marketing deals don’t equal favoritism, but Buell’s not playing a game that its rivals in the series aren’t.

      I’ll just keep watching WSBK/Supersport anyways.

  • georGe

    Got a few questions:
    Where does it say in the press release that only privateers can purchase these?
    Exactly what does “The 1125RR chassis is the standard 1125R design with fuel-in-the-frame” mean? Is it a 1125R frame or does it just look like one?
    Is it a street legal 1125R that has been kitted or is it a race bike only deal that doesnt come with a registrable title?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      “Buell will produce a limited number of 1125RR motorcycles for sale only to licensed professional road racers who will compete in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class.”

      It’s the 1125R that’s been kitted, same frame, basic racing upgrades that are applied to every other bike in the class.

  • I Make Sense

    Actually Wes yes you can buy a cbr1000rr at the showroom and order all the kit parts from HRC and put together a team and race the bike! Stiggy Honda is doing it now in WSBK. That’s the whole point. If Honda or others were allowes to do what Buell is doing the hell they could just pull out an old 990 Rc211v then everyone would freak out.
    Sounds like you may have a personal relationship with Eric that’s keeping your objectivity out of it. Buy I guess this is more a site about style than objective reporting.
    I think that the fact they approved an 1125 for superspoort was an even bigger joke though. If I were beull it would seem to me that consistently losing to bikes with half the displacement would be more of an embarassment than anything else. Is buell racing any forum they may be able to win in with skewed rules rather than admit all thier “trick technology” is not as good as what obviously the Japanese have proven wins races and is reliable on the road?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Sorry, that doesn’t make sense.

      How is buying a CBR1000RR from Honda, buying $30,000 worth of kit parts from HRC, then racing any different than Buell taking an 1125R, adding $30,000 in parts, then selling it for racing? Is it because of the extra “R”? You don’t think Honda has an internal designation for its street-based race bikes for each individual series it competes in?

      Blame DMG for taking already irrelevant American racing and making it more so, not Buell for participating.

      • geonerd

        I think the term “irrelevant” is a little harsh. Even if the series isn’t as good as WSB or even BSB really, we still have some legendary tracks and we’ve got a few great racers that grew up racing AMA.

      • Steve Da Foxx

        My only bone of contention is the ‘licensed road-racer’ part of the equation. Any yahoo can buy that CBR and some kit parts (and conceivably put that cool stuff on their street-bike, no?), but it takes a licensed racer to buy the RR.

        Beyond that, as long as the additional parts that take an 1125R and make it an -RR are available ala-carte, I commend Buell for saving their racing-intended customers the time spent throwing away headlights to get ready to race. Rather than whine, the other OE’s might consider building a hand-full or three of their variants with the same intentions. As the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • MTGR

    I agree you can’t fault Buell for doing whatever they can, but the point to having rules, whether you agree with them or not, is so everyone competes on as equal of footing as possible. If what Honda does is not different than what Buell does then what would be the harm in DMG telling Buell they have to do it that way rather than pre-assembling things? Nobody should know a bike better than the original manufacturer, so if you let them do all the mods for you does it not make sense those mods should be more effective and therefore an unfair advantage? Bottom line, everyone should follow the rules, if everyone things they are silly or pointless then lobby to have them changed, don’t just look the other way for some teams and not others.

  • primitive

    There is favoritism in the ama. Bans on the tz750, weight penalties on the honda rs750, pro thunder rules, 1125ccs racing 600ccs, its obvious. The ama wants americans to have a competitive bike in the race. The reasons for that are obvious as well. The drawbacks are less so. Actual 1970s bikes still compete in the ama pro flat track? Do you want to see technology stop when Buell starts dominating ama road racing, all other manufacturers are given weight, or hp penalties, race fans get dumber, and we cant watch world class racing without flying to Europe. I dont. Flat track is cool, an xr750 looks cool, but I see it for what it is, and its a spectacle, not a race.
    Buy changing rules for American manufacturers in ama we allow them to appear falsely competitive. That will eventually stunt there development and potentially destroy them. Harley circa 1980s? If they want to compete in ama road racing tell rotax to make that 1125 a 1200 and run superbike. I would love to see an american bike really perform, as I’m sure most american road race fans would. We are a fairly intelligent nation, with deep pockets and lots of resources. Why can’t we be competitive without special treatment? I hope Buell sees this, I know he has all ready thought it. The bikes they make maybe great for the real world, on real roads, but lets see them make a great bike for racing.

  • g.romay

    I agree with Zeitgeist, MTGR & I Make Sense.

  • g.romay

    oh and primitive too, sorry Wes but what your saying doesnt sound very intelligent, i also think an american bike competing would be interesting, but definitely not like that.

  • Brian

    Seems like a hugh amount of money for not a lot more bike….booo AMA/DMG

  • Mitch Snyder

    why are all these jap bike fans show worried about the rules.all the sponsored teams are running non stock jap bikes there is no advantage to Buell, that has no team of its own, thus the privateer selling point. those guys race for love of the sport there not likely to win.or is this bike that good it could win hmmm.

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