Ducati Strada Aperta spied on the open road

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Ducati_Strada_Aperta_1.jpgTranslating to “open road” it now looks like Ducati’s forthcoming adventure bike is going to be called the Ducati Strada Aperta. In the same vein as the Yamaha TDM, current Triumph Tiger and the KTM 990 SMT, the Strada Aperta is completely road-oriented despite sharing its height and riding position with adventure tourers. It’s also clearly liquid-cooled, but it’s not readily apparent if that’s the 1099cc engine from the Ducati Streetfighter or the larger 1198.4cc engine.
Ducati_Strada_Aperta_2.jpgOver the previous round of spy photos, these new shots actually tell us
very little. The abbreviated front mudguard also appears to act as an
intake, expect Ducati 1198-inspired headlights, an abbreviated
low-slung exhaust, a single-sided swingarm, 17-inch wheels and a high,
elongated, dirt bike-style tail rather than the 1198-style unit that’s
making the rounds in sketches. Oh, and there’s also a two-piece cast/trellis frame as on the Monster.

It’s also still not clear where the Strada Aperta will sit in the
Ducati lineup. Clearly, since it’s water-cooled, it’ll be more
expensive than the Ducati Multistrada, but will it replace that model?

It’s actually quite impressive that we don’t have an answer to all
these questions yet, dealers were shown the bike last summer and Ducati
is typically more leaky than this. According to some potential
customers, those same dealers are still prepared to currently take
deposits on the bike and are even forecasting deliveries late this
year, indicating that the model could be launched earlier than the
EICMA show in November.

via AdvRider and Asphalt and Rubber

  • http://www.desmoworks.com anthony

    Not so sure about dealers being shown this model last year… we are a Ducati dealer and have never seen it or been given ANY official information on it. It was not at the dealer show in Indianapolis. I’ll be at EICMA to see it though!

  • http://www.proitalia.com Bill Nation

    Ducati quit building air cooled MTS1100s a few months ago. Dealers know only what we see on sites like this one. I don’t see the bike as having much sales potential in the USA but hey, maybe I’ll be wrong. Ducati needs lower price bikes if they want to fulfill their goal of selling more units.

    • vic

      so this means no more multistrada’s? they look odd but are pretty good machines and very very practical.will this strada aperta replace it or will there be a liquid cooled version of the MTS?

  • General Apathy

    As an owner of 2 MTSs I can tell you I like what I see. It seems to have what I have been wanting: more power, and more (dare I say) 1200GSey practicality with a street oriented ride. The whole air vs. water cooled thing is irrelevant. Go ride a bike with and testasretta motor in it. You wont be able to go back to the DS.

    The last MTS did roll off the line supposedly a few months ago. This is all being covered on multistrada.net.

  • Warren Hayes

    As an Australian rider with huge open spaces I love the Multistrada aand with 8 ducatis of all types including superbikes the Multi is the best thing to come out of Italy in a long time.
    And if this new thing is for real give me one or kill me please.


  • Eric LeVine

    The concept is ideal for Ducati. The Multi is a joke, the Hyper is good, but not an open road bike. I like the format, but I think the styling is not done well. It is DATED in the 2005 era. the slit headlights, and the shark like appearance…it is lame. They shoud go for a more utilitarian look…round headlights, with guards? Make it look hard core, not wannabe sportbike.

  • http://www.ducati.info Richard

    Ducati UK took my order for a Strada Aperta back in January, for delivery “later in the year”

  • tyler

    took a tour at the ducati factory week before last and was shown the production line that will be for this bike….nothing being produced as yet.