Film: Ural T, Hurricane Ridge



Film: Ural T, Hurricane Ridge

The new Ural T sidecar, a rain-soaked mountain road in Washington State and a rider with nowhere in particular to be.

  • Marco

    Ahhh fun. Just goes to show that even without “flying the car” side-hacks can still be great fun. I like the idea of being able to ride in all seasons; all weather.

  • aeolus

    I want one. The camera that is. Forget the Ural.

  • will

    Nice! What jacket is that?

  • mat rempit

    i hear these are easy to drift, is there any of that in the b-roll?

  • Ben(pi)

    I’ve never driven a sidecar, but is it that difficult to keep from drifting out of your lane? Also dig passing on double yellows.

    • http://Http:// Grant Ray

      It isn’t an issue if you go slow. Going fast on soaked mountain swtchbacks with 1000ft drops is a different story. Then it’s more about controlling the slide through the apex so you don’t die.

  • vic

    thanks for the did the dinatec material stand up in the rain?..i have a high teckie sky jacket which has an outer made of keprotec also from schoeler and that thing can take some abuse and it’s quite waterproof

  • Geoff

    whaaaaa….? No hooning sidecar doughnuts?
    I thought that was why they made them…
    turn left from a standstill and gas it.

  • DoctorNine

    Interesting. The sound is somewhere between my Tecumseh lawnmower, and a Piper Cub. How does the ride compare to a Royal Enfield with sidecar, Grant?

  • Ken

    Brilliant. All it lacks is a terrified supermodel in the chair.

  • coho

    Cool vid, I like the under-hack camera view. So many sidecars here in the PNW, I think it might be the perfect just-getting-around vehicle for the land of wind and rain.

    That said, I ride Hurricane Ridge several times a year, in all kinds of weather and it’s always disconcerting to come round a bend and find myself facing oncoming traffic.

    Bein’ sporty is so much cooler if it keeps to its own lane. It’s more difficult, and thereby requires that much more skill.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Cranky Squid Disclaimer:
    I’m sure the pilot had a clear view for miles & miles in spite of the fog and was certain noone was coming, etc.

  • mark

    You have to put a legal disclaimer on this now?

  • Kerry

    Nobody HAS to put a disclaimer on this, but given the number of stupid people the internet reaches is it a wise idea.

  • Ray

    I’ve owned the 650 kick-only since 1998, ridden in Austin and Portland, Maine. Thing is reliable and sturdy off-road. It is very stable at a stop, makes it seem safe and cute to non-riders. As I explain it to non-sidecar riders, in motion, it’s got half the acceleration of a motorcycle, half the braking, half the handling, and takes up twice the lane position. Because of the sidecar’s drag, it heads for the shoulder on acceleration, and because of momentum it heads for oncoming traffic on braking. Luckily mine only breaks 60 going downhill…

    I rode it in a blizzard in Maine last January in 6 inches of snow. Surprisingly capable, even with the one-wheel drive model. Come up to Maine for a winter test ride.

    Grant, where’d you learn to ride a hack like that?

  • Peter

    I’ve got an ’08 Patrol and ride like that sometime. Once I started paying attention to the leaning in the video I started appreciating what the guy was doing – it’s hard to see but it’s really quite a lot of work. All in all I thought it was reasonably safe; the perspective from the cameras makes it seem like he’s going fairly quickly. I think I only saw 4th gear once, so you’re looking at a 50mph max for most of it.

    Beautiful ride, too, I’m not familiar with Hurricane Ridge. I thought it was funny how out of the almost completely empty parking lot the driver found the handicapped spot, but maybe it was for the final shot composition.

    Makes me wanna get on the Ural!

  • Nate

    Sweet ! .

    I ride a 1994 Ural 650 Tourist , I scrapped the silly sidecar and installed 3.90 final drive gears , it’s a fun reliable machine that takes Yeoman duty and cross country touring in stride .

    Easy to ride , suprisingly nimble in the twisty bits and very cheap to run .


  • dave keith

    Great video. Have only seen one here in New Hampshire. Trying to find a way to test drive one. Nearest place is in Maine. Will look great next to the Harley

  • Stew Baker

    The video reminds me of how much I miss my old 1961 R6o BMW and side car. Quick disconnects, hydraulic brakes and those wonderful Earl’s forks. I have only seen one Ural in Ottawa so far, looked pretty good.

  • http://NETZERO Bert

    I have a 1997 tourist and love it my dad had one in Indonesia back in 58-59. We use to travel all over the country with it me on the gas tank my two sisters in the sidecar and my mom in the rear seat great country for great sidecar adventure. I have driven all types of two wheelers even had a Triumph 500 with a Ural sidecar and a Suzuki Cavalcade with a side car. My favorite is the Ural second is the Triumph. The Cavalcade was nothing but a cruiser with all the stereo, cruise control like a car, air shock and seat, and even a heater for your hands and lower part of your body. I HATED IT. I build a V.W. trike its ok, very chopper look with a very long extended front end. Fun trike very hard G-force when I hit corners hard. But from all the bikes, trike, and sidehacks give me the Ural sidehack for lesuire driving can get no tickets with it and it still has enough power for fast mountain riding with a heck of a good workout when hitting the corners left or right when riding hard, that’s a lot of fun and also the excitement when you have a passenger freaking out lifting the chair and do a power slide “U” turn…

  • Doug

    Sweet editing.

  • John Merrell

    Just purchased 10′ Ural-T and beginning initial break-in. After over 40 years of riding, and attempting to put together three hack rigs, the Ural-T is the answer. I’ve been tracking the development of this machine since I first viewed one in Germany at a bike show in 1989; they have come a long way baby! I’ve owned many airhead BMW’s and this years’ Ural runs as good, shifts as easily and handles exceptionally well for a hack rig. We live on LookOut Mountain in northeastern Alabama where there are many back roads to explore, plus we are within an easy day trip to Tennessee and Georgia; again many good back roads to explore. My wife and I are enjoying the slower pace, yet brisk rides; can’t wait to get it broken in so I can ride it like shown in this video. Ride Often…Ride Safe…John