Honda designer talks V4 details

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Honda Europe is heavily promoting the upcoming 2010 Honda VFR1200 with major ad campaigns and a website devoted to creating a strong brand around the Honda V4. Remember, we’re not supposed to have seen the production bike yet and Honda Europe is still acting as if everyone hasn’t seen the spy shots and leaked production images. It’s even offering members of the public a chance to win a trip to the bike’s press launch. Now, the bike’s designer, Teofilo Plaza, is talking design intent, saying he wants the Honda V4 concept, and presumably the VFR that’s based on it, to look good everywhere from a MotoGP paddock to the most expensive hotel in Paris. Shamu’s moving on up.


Honda Europe

  • geonerd

    Too bad the actual production model is completely devoid of the sleek, svelte sexiness that the concept conveys.

  • carboncanyon

    Huh. They succeeded in that onlookers say the same thing at a MotoGP paddock and the most expensive hotel in Paris: it’s ugly.

    • generic1776

      Ugly is a bit harsh. The concept is quite nice, a very good blend of superbike–meets–sport-touring. I’ve been wanting to see better competition for the Triumph Sprint ST, or the BMW K1300GT.

      I went to check the Kawi Concourse 1400, but I was shocked on how the fit and finish were quite poor. The “change dish” lid closure was very fagile plastic and the clasp/button to open it did not work on multiple bikes I tried.

      The fit/finish of Honda is renowned for quality. …but the 1300ST is dated, and the only new ones I see on the road are police models.

  • Ben

    I’m very curious to see if, or how much, the production model will vary from the spy shots released. A handful of realistic changes would align it wonderfully with the concept. Maybe I’m hoping too hard, but it can’t hurt.

  • hjworton

    The looks of the new bike are quite important but surely how it rides and the features of the machine are what we should be concerned with. In terms of the looks: It is good. Honda were never going to go super futuristic – they are a conservative design company within a field that is notoriously conservative to begin with. When the bike finally breaks cover(officially) we can talk, until then its all hot air – including what the designer himself and the Honda head-honcho has to say.

  • Telekom

    Looks like vapourware to me. I’ve seen these pics several times over the last couple of months and I would still like to see some concessions to reality, such as tyres… maybe then I could take seriously the intent behind such apparently revolutionary design principles. If this concept is the inspiration for the new VFR then I think they both succeed in looking a bit odd. The concept is flash and odd, the VFR leaks pics are a bit dull and odd. I like the old VFR. :)

    • Wes Siler

      I think you might be misusing “vaporware.” The V4 concept is a design exercise intended to explore shapes, forms and ideas for the new VFR. If you follow the link in the article above, you’ll see the finished version of that new VFR, which clearly draws from this concept.

  • Core

    I am curious how this is going to pan out for honda. Only time will tell.

  • Rider 8

    The bike from the spy shots looks decent, just not my cup of tea. I was hoping for an RSV4 style sport bike. Oh well, maybe next time Honda?

  • Telekom

    Yeah, I know Wes, I saw the new VFR pics, that’s what I was referring to. What I mean by my misuse of “vapourware” is that Honda are just grabbing attention with these pics, and I reckon that the “concept” will remain just that. I honestly don’t see how the new VFR pics follow on from the concept pics any more than from any other contemporary motorbike design. I mean if Honda showed us this concept and then produced a Royal Enfield, THEN I would be surprised. I really like the old VFR and have been looking out for one. But the underlying story here is “your new motorbike will look like something from outer space which will operate in a different physical universe to all other vehicles”, when what you really get is a bike with slightly dull styling, which might nevertheless be brilliant. But that’s all part of the hype of modern life. I agree with an earlier HFL comment about the spy shots, it looks bloated. My 2p. :)

    • Wes Siler

      Cool, no offense meant. I just realize that many people are skeptical of the new VFR images actually being the new VFR and thought you were saying something along those lines.

  • Telekom

    Hi Wes, no offence taken. I was moved to comment as I was a little disappointed with the looks of the new VFR, I’m sure the leak pics are legit. I also can’t see for the life of me why Honda are showing these concepts so much except just for attention. I’m much more excited by stuff like the TTXGP (great coverage of TTXGP by HFL by the way) which really breaks totally new ground in the real world, rather than Honda showing us these mad-looking spaceships that seemingly “inspire” production bikes. Maybe I’m just jealous I don’t get to sit around all day designing science fiction motorbikes!
    Keep bringing us the goods HFL!