Karl Lagerfeld forms Chanel biker gang

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Chanel_Triton_1.jpgPhotos: Stephane Feugere

Visitors to Paris Fashion Week better lookout, there’s a new gang in town and they look tough. Karl apparently commissioned this Triton café racer to serve as a prop in the press images for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Chanel. While the bike looks pretty cool, we don’t imagine Lara Stone or Baptiste Giacobini actually know how to ride. Look for more bike-influenced fashions from Karl in the near future.
Chanel_Triton.jpgvia WWD

  • jwinter

    Move the girl, she’s blocking the bike.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      There’s a girl in that photo?

      • mototom

        I have multiple salacious comments about the girl but suffice to say that I’ve already sent in my order for the Karl Lagerfeld inflatable vampire biker chick doll…update on Larry King tonight!!

  • http://www.robotribe.com robotribe

    That bike is totally ruined by the snot-faced chick and the dude wearing the cardigan with that ultra-douche expression on his face.

    Oh, and even though I get why, the CHANEL logotype on the heat shield is probably the worst offender.

  • modelasian

    Lagerfield has always been cool. Much, much cooler than the umpteen companies that use Harleys and 40′s pickup trucks for photo shoots.
    Too bad he’s using a model who looks like a comic book vampire.

    • Ceolwulf

      What’s wrong with comic book vampires???

      Thassa beautiful bike though.

      What’s with the fork tubes sticking up so far?

      • s0crates82

        That’s for forehead ventilation in case of emergency.

  • William O'Dell

    Just what we need…more people spending way too much $ for too much bike so they can look good right before they become organ donors.

  • Isaac

    That girl can jump me in!

  • vic

    the bike looks good,tastefully done,almost looks like it was designed by coco,and i’m pretty sure ol’ carly can ride
    i have a question though ,lagerfeld has that proffesor cool thing going on but why are the models so upset?did they realise that the photoshoot was done pro-bono?

  • Marcel

    The bike is beautiful…

  • ryan

    I really love cafe racers, but a harley would look better than that piece of shit.

    Ugly is all i can say, not just the bike but each and every model in the photo as well.
    There’s not a single thing on that bike that looks good.

    The up and over pipes are the only thing which should stay, but heat tape them or powder coat them or do something other than put a crap bike next to crap models.

    • Paulo

      Wow Ryan Thats quite an opinion, what have you built lately? I think it’s a great looking bike and it’s good to see something other than a Harley or sportbike in a commercial.

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    Bike looks nice, very Heiwa or Wrenchmonkees.

  • BigMick

    ….the Addams fam-il-ee (click click).
    Gothic cafe racer ? why not indeed, although I’d like to see a mini crystal chandilier instead of the headlight.
    (and I think cardigan boy needs to sit down and have Zoolander explained to him).

  • Ken

    Props to Karl for being aware of the custom bobber scene and not thinking a bike is just a bike is just a Harley.

    But really, doesn’t some part of you die whenever these clotheshorses glom on to some vital piece of culture and put quote marks around it? Like when Madonna discovers folk music or cowboy hats?

    It’s this fashion/advertising/media treasure hunt for the few remaining pockets of cultural authenticity left in the western world. And every time they embrace something, they strangle it.

    Don’t worry, I’ll feel better tomorrow. It’s a cool bike.

  • Max_R

    I think the bike looks shit but that girl is HOT. Oh, those creamy thighs… I’d love to be in between THOSE legs… :-)

  • Nick

    Lagerfeld is turning into a bizarre amalgamation of Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol.

  • http://mulliganmachine.blogspot.com CAPTAIN AWESOME

    aside from the hideous logo placement, piss poor fork lowering, and lack of front brakes, the bike is top notch.

  • Speedealer

    Is a “gaggle” or a “peck” of Duche’s? Any one seen Zoolander or Bruno… These people should be drug behind their bike…

  • Zino

    Can’t quite understand the girl-o-phobes complaining about that gor-juss French girl… I’d be very, VERY happy to have her along with the bike.

    You can date your hand if you want to.

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