Mat Mladin on AMA/DMG: "Hitler wld b proud"

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Mat Mladin is lashing out against the organizers of AMA American Superbike, tweeting, “AMA/DMG have broken so many of their own rules this wknd. The Buell is just 1 in a long list. Yamahas own rules also. Hitler wld b proud.” Mladin’s referring to the Buell 1125RR, a purpose-built racer in a class supposedly dedicated to production street bikes.
The six-time American Superbike Champion went on to tell Superbike
, “I don’t care if the Buell wins or comes 20th and is never
competitive. The bottom line is, it shouldn’t be legal for the class…I
guess as long as people are paying the right amount of money or
whatever, I guess you’re allowed in.”

Mladin and his 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 are currently first in the series.
Earlier this season the Rockstar/Makita team addressed allegations of
cheating by purchasing a GSX-R1000 from a showroom, winning races on
it, then selling it to a member of the public.

Many racers, teams and fans, including us, are extremely frustrated
that American Superbike runs separate rules from SBK. Intended to make
the series accessible to privateers, the rules instead make top-level
American racing the poor redneck cousin of its international

via Twitter and Superbike Planet

  • General Apathy

    What AMA is a Sham?!?!? noooo! Anyone who saw the Laguna race should know that.. Do we re-start? Do we go round? Does he get a ride thru? Why is the pace car FOLLOWING US?!?! It was a beautiful contrast to the GP race just 1 hour before. That race ran like clockwork.

    Thanks Matt for speaking out.. So now why not go out and race in a REAL series? Ben did.

  • the_doctor

    Back when I watched both AMA and SBK regularly, privateers seemed much more competitive in SBK than in AMA. The AMA races were always such a bore; the only interesting bits of the races were the squabbles between the privateers way down the line.

    I agree that the rules should be uniformed, but one thing I want to know is if Mladin is bitchin’ because he thinks that the Buells will be competitive? Ah, I don’t think I care enough to know the answer, sadly.

  • nick r

    Buell? Who are they trying to fool?
    You do NOT buy a Buell because it is a racer, and you surely do NOT buy a Buell because it is competitive. But then I’m not why sure you DO buy anyway, so just, uh, ignore me.

    • pbxorcist

      You buy a Buell because they are fantastic motorcycles. You buy them because you like the way they look, the way they handle, or the way they make you feel while you are riding it.

      Maybe you buy one because you like to support American companies or you just like v-twins. What you dont do, however, is buy them because because they are .3 % faster than the other nearly identical inline 4 on the market. Once you quit looking at spread sheets and start riding the bikes it becomes apparent why you would want one (or not)

      • Adrian


        I’m with you on the Buell street bike experience.

  • M.P.

    Go Mat!
    DMG is to motorcycle racing as Obama is to America. Loads of talk and bad results.

    • Bevelsport

      If DMG were like Obama, they’d adopt WSBK rules. Right now they are acting like the MILF.

  • BM

    Not a fan of DMG, look as what’s become of NASCAR in recent years. Stopped watching that cluster a long time ago and AMA is quickly becoming more of the same. I like seeing the BUELL’s do well, but I have to agree on some levels with Mat’s comments. And I say that, knowing full well that I am far from a Mladin fan. If he doesn’t like it move on to WSBK or MGP (if he could get a ride there). Agree with the comments above….Ben moved on…you can go too….and take DMG with you.

  • Mike

    Would you people PLEASE stop shoveling that crap of american companies. The only thing on that bike that is NOT outsourced to other countries is the paint job.

    • Adrian


      I don’t agree with the way Buell and DMG /AMA/XYZ are finessing the racing rules but Buells are good street bikes and it doesn’t really make much difference how much of them is American ..welcome to the global economy.

      You should get on down to the local dealership and ride one ..I think you might like it.

  • Isaac

    I rode an XB12R Firebolt, excellent machine. I still don’t see it’s place with 600cc racers. It is…and always will be a ‘cheater bike’ in my book. I mean why not let Ducati 1098s’s race along side R6′s if they’re going to let an 1125cc race with them. If they really wanted to show off then take up against the R1′s and GSX-R’s. You know why? Buell would get spanked…even with a good rider. However their design is awesome and I still want one. They have some really good technologies I like. If I had to pick I’d get the Firebolt in white/blue.

    • Wes Siler

      The Firebolt is probably my favorite track bike.

  • Motominded

    Mat’s right. The class should be for street bikes and the Buell isn’t. The debate here isn’t whither the Buell is a good bike or not. It is whether it is legal to run. For instance, why doesn’t Ducati just start racing the Desmo RR is the Superbike class or whatever nonsense formula DMG has come up with?

    You look at American road racing in the 80′s and 90′s and it produced world Superbike and 500cc World Champions. Now, it is on the level of a no name championship similar to a local club.

    Look at the Daytona 200….it means nothing now.

    • Paul

      Amen and AMEN! You said it all. Has anybody but me wondered why no one on SPEED Channel has ever asked Matt if or when or he will go to MotoGP or WSBK? Is it because he’s too old? Also, how come no Americans race in the MotoGP 250? Those guys are totally fearless and are the future. I am glad I saw the last GP 250 race at Sears Point, but without an injured Rich Oliver. Chuck Sorenson was the man to beat, and that race was better than all the other classes, including Super Bike. Ask anybody who was there. Mladin peeled away the ugly scab that is the current state of AMA racing.

  • andy

    I’m not sure how this got turned into an attack on Buell streetbikes. Mat simply states that it doesn’t matter if they win or don’t win, the rules were meant to race “street bikes.” the 1125rr is a race-only bike. Where should the fault lie? In most cases I cheer for Mat to lose (only for change of pace) but here I’m on board. I’m a fan of this sport because of THE RIDERS. They are what makes it fun and AMA road racing would be nothing without a zany Aussie named Mat, witty brothers named Boz, and so forth.

  • Scott

    used to hate MM pompous ass when he was all traction controlled up sandbagging in AMA

    now that he’s speaking his mind, when other racers are biting their tounge in the DMG I love the guy

    ima buy me some MM pajamas!

  • chili sv

    This guy is such a prick. Uh Mat, Hitler exterminated people, the AMA is a sanctioning body. You belittle the memories of all the innocent people who died in WWII. Your statement diminishes the tragedy of the loss of tens of millions of people. It’s a disgrace to humanity.

  • hoyt

    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with Matt Mladin, but any reference to Hitler does not mean Mladin or anyone else “belittles” the Holocaust victims.

    The Buell frame is not outsourced to other countries. It was brought to the States awhile ago.

    Why is it so hard for the AMA/DMG & the Speed channel to do this sport justice? Nevermind this current debate…motorcycle road racing should be gaining fans at a much higher rate in the US.

    Million$ of lost opportunities

    • chili sv

      It is appropriate to reference Hitler when discussing genocide, not the rules of motorcycle racing.

  • Tony

    Hey Folks… the bottom line here isn’t whether Hitler exterminated people… he did! The AMA… it’s exterminating it’s followers… the people who love motorcycle racing… people like you and me. I got bored with AMA long ago when it was Spies and Mladdin and oh yeah… the rest of the guys. Now, at least it’s more interesting, if not dumbed down. When any one of us can go buy a Buell 1125RR and ride it on the street, then I’d say it’s a bike that should race in a class meant for “street” machines tuned for racing. Since we can’t all go buy a Buell 1125RR, (certainly not for the same money you can buy a … GSXr or a Yamaha, or a Honda 1000RR) I’d have to say Matt is right… if it’s a purpose built race bike, why isn’t it racing in a class meant for purpose built race bikes? Why is it racing in a class of “street” bikes , and 600s to boot?
    DMG has an opportunity to make road racing in America a world class sport… I hope they do soon before the rest of the viewing and paying public turn them off in favor of WSBK or MotoGP.

  • RedRacer

    This year truly ruined the sport for me… Mat is correct and sems to be the only one who has the guts (and the opportunity) to express it. Between AMA, DMG and Speed I’ve given up on watching and racing in this mess of a season… I understand growth, change, finances, keeping things fair and equal for all but those things should be tweaked and changed a little at a time. Its simple evolution. They just set the sport back 25 years… I promise it will be years before America starts watching and enjoying… What a shame.

  • Jerry

    I stopped watching AMA altogether this year. The rules are a bit odd compared to other venues around the world. How many different classes is the AMA running now? Rolling start? Man washes out, picks the bike up and gets back in the race, not so fast buddy, pull in and get that bike tech inspected first. Racer goes off the track, RESTART! Bike out of gas, up against the wall, RESTART!
    Not to mention the race commentators. The only time I actually enjoyed the commentating was when Scott Russell and Freddy Spencer were in the co-pilot seat. The only problem was, the man doing all the talking seemed to enjoy watching his first MOTORCYCLE roadrace.
    I wish Matt would move over to SBK. I hate to say it, but after many years watching the AMA races, I’ve watched my last one.