Nicky Hayden highsides in Germany, acts like it's no biggie

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Determined to prove his worth on the nearly untameable Ducati Desmosedici RR, Nicky Hayden has once again spectacularly crashed during qualification sessions. In the previous MotoGP round at California, we were in awe as we watched him casually hop on his second bike and head back out after a huge crash. Obviously that wasn’t good enough, so for Germany he did one better by catapulting himself into Ducati Pramac rider Niccolo Canepa, who also looked to be just beginning his own highside. While poor Canepa was carried off on a stretcher, Hayden skipped along next to him.


Amazingly, Hayden has gone on to impressive finishes in both rounds with a 5th in Laguna then 8th in Germany. Okay, we get it. Nicky Hayden is not a chicken and getting hurt from epic highsides is for wussies. Clearly they don’t make neither in Kentucky.

  • the_doctor

    Out. Of. Control. When I saw that crash, I thought the highside was bad, but slamming into that other rider… Damn, man.

    Crash of the Year

  • Ceolwulf


  • JWinter

    Not to take anything away from Nicky but I actually think that crash looked less scary because he landed on Canepa. It’s more like a hole-in-one.

    I personally think Jorge’s China and Laguna crashes last year were scarier because he went really far up and had nothing to break his fall.

  • DoctorNine

    If you can get away from the bike, and just take the slide, the leathers and armor will protect you. If you try too hard to stay with the bike, the bike will roll all over you, and that’s what smashes and cuts you up. Poor Canepa had nowhere to go. He tried wearing the two bikes for skis for a second there, but then he and the bikes were like ice cubes in a blender; round and round, and all ground down.

  • vic

    to hayden’s credit he did run to help canepa just seconds after he crashed,that was a bloody session.i think 8 guys crashed during free practice
    and what the hell is up with stoner,leading half the race then finishing 4th behind pedrosa,sure rossi was fit and he stalked him relentlesly but jorge and pedrosa we’re just as mangled as stoner was..pff.anyway nice race,rossi won by a wheel

  • steaminSteven

    Ya gotta luv Nicky for being a tough ass!!

    now about Jorge (or as Rossi says Gorjea, haha) the dewd is the only guy thats ever really given Rossi a challange, race after race this seaon its been thoses two at it all the way untill the end, I luv Val, but I gotta say Lorenzo is just as good, and well, Rossi is older so maybe Lorenzo will have his victory season in a year or twos time…….

    I still want Rossi to win each race, though I much much much prefer to see him earn it and Lorenzo is deff the guy to make him earn that phat ass cheque!!!

    • jwinter

      I agree, this season would be a lot less interesting without Jorge. I think he is the only person I wouldn’t be disappointed to see beat Rossi. I guess because he is the only one I consider to be his equal. Stoner and Pedrosa are fast but they can’t battle near the level Rossi and Jorge do. They win by getting ahead fast and staying there.

  • ehpawk

    comments and continue link are broken on the first article.

  • William O'Dell

    I love watching Vale steal the wind from Jorge’s sails. Sure, Vale’s reign will end at some point (probably later than sooner) and the torch will be passed, but it’s great to watch a fully mature champion at, or near his peak. Vale will probably still be able to wipe the floor with almost anyone in the current paddock even if he is past his peak (I’m not saying he is). I actually think Jorge will learn a huge amount by simply being on the same team at Vale. If you have to chase anyone, it’s probably best to chase the master.

  • Cal H

    I’m glad neither rider was hurt. My impression is that Canepa was not riding at a competitive pace and should not have been on that line during a qualification session.