Nicky Hayden replica Ducati 848 previews 2010 upgrades

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This Ducati 848 wears a near-exact replica of the one-off paint scheme Nicky Hayden ran at the US Grand Prix last weekend. Also present are LED dash lights, a 30mm mirror extension kit (the bike is fitted with standard-length stalks, but you can add the kit yourself) and aluminum cam belt tensioners that will reduce moving mass and increase reliability; all of that will be standard on the 2010 Ducati 848. The Nicky Hayden Ducati 848 will be available exclusively in US dealers, a video follows the jump. >


  • Ken

    Speaking as a non-American, I was delighted to see him up in 5th at Laguna. The ability to slide both ends of a bike may not be as valued as it once was, but he’s still a much better rider than his points indicate. Watching him back into the slip road at Assen when he over-cooked it was magnificent.

    I know we’re heading toward a day when all you’ll need to win a motor race is a midget with no sense of self-preservation, but we should enjoy guys like Hayden and Rossi while they’re here. I hope he tames that thing and puts the Stoner-only bogey to rest. Best of luck Nicky.

  • Isaac

    So, my question is this: Why doesn’t he an 1198s? I guess that will be reserved for Stoner?

    I guess because he is an American they feel he is unworthy to rate a big twin. Or maybe I am jumping to conclusions and 848cc is close to being an 800cc GP bike. Hence the replica being made of out said machine.

    • Hosenpants

      There is already a big-bore rep – the Bayliss 1098R.

      Nicky was also the symbol for a recent 848 financing promo and I understand that Ducati wants to move a few more of these bikes in the US. Also, there isn’t, at least currently, an S or R version of the 848, so this is one way to make a special version/attract interest.

  • DoctorNine

    I can’t speak to Ducati’s reasoning. But at 5’7″, and 180ish, the 848 is my preferred model. There are times when displacement is the thing, however in this case, I think they really hit the target with their reproduction.

  • vic

    congrats to hayden,he is making slow but steady progress and for once the ducati guys seem to be both pacient and helpful trying the’re best to accomodate his needs,now more then ever since stoner seems to have some serious health problems. he needs to be consistent if he wants to be in the next seaseon with kallio breathing down his neck for his spot in the works team.anyway he looks happier than he ever did when he was at HRC,and i think he can tame the beast
    @ken,none of these guys have that,otherwise they wouldn’t be racing with broken limbs

  • cjs675

    Welcome back to the Kentucky Kid, now we have somebody worth supporting in the Ducati corner (I’m not American btw). Let’s face it, lately Casey is about as exciting as a beige Volvo with automatic drive.
    Pity about the bike only being available in the States though.

  • geonerd

    “Nicky Hayden replica Ducati 848 previews 2010 upgrades, gaudiness”

  • G.Irish

    I like the idea of a Hayden edition 848 but that paint job is rather tacky. Surely Ducati’s designers can do better than that. Some people will still buy it but I can’t see it being a big hit.