Popular Mechanics covers Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

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ama-rokon-470-0709b.jpgRokon Trailbreakers, Harley KRs, Honda RC172s and BSA Spitfires; Popular Mechanics spent the weekend at the Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days and brought back pictures and information on some of the best bikes there.

Popular Mechanics

  • aeolus

    Maybe if you would have featured the Norton race bike (Daytona?) you might have gotten some comments.
    It looks a lot better than the retro monkey shines.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com nick

    Rokon’s are made in the USA, float (!!), are two wheel drive, and you can even fill the tires with gas to increase the range of the bike. They are ridiculously go-anywhere, but they aren’t monkey bikes…

    • aeolus

      You want American?…Wes should have featured the KR. Now there is what the pale imitations of the Deus/Monkeys ilk should be. I was thinking of buying one but they must have all been turned into ploughshares.

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        I just have a thing for Rokons.