Popular Mechanics reveals 2010 Victory tourers

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2010_Victory_Cross_country.jpgRemember way back in the summer of 2006, when skulls and crossbones were all the rage in fashion circles? Well the ever forward-looking visionaries at Victory have managed to apply them to the paint job on their 2010 Victory Cross Country in just three short years. Progress, eh? Don’t worry, the guys at Popular Mechanics take these things much more seriously than we do. If you like all things slow and bony, head over to PopMech for the skinny.

Popular Mechanics

  • drjohndee

    I keep wanting to like Victory’s bikes, and they keep just missing, for me. Except here where they’ve completely missed. Looks like a loss of nerve, from a company whose only shot lies in being bold. Looks like, ‘Crap, the Vision isn’t working. What do we do?’ ‘Cross it with the Kingpin? People liked that, right?’ ‘No, make it more like an Ultra!’ ‘No, do both! Something might work!!’

    The only bike on that page (the Popular Mechanics link) that makes anything close to sense is the Vision 8-ball. Not sure what their presence is like in Japan but I can easily see that thing cruising the Tokyo freeways, where they go a bundle on hearse-like maxi-scoots.

  • Oscar

    When is Victory going to make something other than a cruiser, like a stylish, torquey standard?

  • bob

    although not enough to get me to buy one, i think that victory is getting closer to getting the styling right. i dont think this bike is about what it is, its more about what it isnt. waaaay less george jetson styling here. cant say that i hate it, but ill stick with what ive got for right now.

    the skulls are another story though.

    they gots to go…

  • vic

    damn that’s a nice looking engine

  • geonerd

    Nevermind the trashy graphics. It’s a Road Glide ripoff through and through. A ripoff of a turd of a bike. Nice.

    • area_educator

      This is a copy of a Road Glide (or Street Glide) only in so far as it has a relatively low fairing and side cases, no top box.

      But put this

      next to this

      and it’s anything but a copy.

  • JWinter

    What a stereotype! Yikes.

  • V-rodder

    Simply put the Cross Country is a home run for me. Finally a sport touring bike that isn’t a Harley “Sea of Sameness” FLH. It’s great to see a MODERN styled bike from an American company for a change. Not everyone wants their bike to look “classic”. Cudos to you Victory for taking the path less traveled. I will be test riding one as soon as they hit my dealer.

    Also it’s not a ripoff of a Road Glide. That bike has the fairing bolted to the frame. This one has the fairing mounted to the forks. Meaning it’s a “ripoff” of the Street Glide. If you believe that HD has the exclusive on motorcycles with a fairing and saddlebags.

    I’m not a Harley hater as I have a ’06 V-rod. It’s just they aren’t doing anything new at all. The V-rod was the last new bike from them. Everything since 2002 has been just a re-do of an exsisting bike. The V-rod community (all 3 of us, LoL) have been screaming for a touring version for at least the last 5 years. What do we get? Another stripped down street cruiser aka the V-rod Muscle. Note to HD, every V-rod ever made has been a stripped down street cruiser. Again another re-do.

    Just my $.02,


  • Big Star Power

    This bike look like a Harley FLHX with 20,000$ of extra.Realy superb exept the ugly motor. Victory motorcycles run with more power than a 110 po.co CVO Harley, real suspension and top of the line parts. Harley are 65 H.P and full of problems! Yes after 107 years of production,they are realy not solid like japan’s motorcycles.
    A 10,000$ bike with a 10,000$ name on the tank! Harley-Davidson. A Yamaha Road Star idle sound like a real american bike,potato,potato,potato!!! A twin cams idle is realy to fast.

  • Brent B.

    I researched Victory for almost 2 years and finally bought a new 07 Jackpot. I love my bike!!! It is unmatched in style, performance and durability, which can’t be said for many other motorcycle makers.” Truly, I love seeing anyone riding but I prefere American made bikes and vehicles for that matter.

    Victory is a very dependable and stylish motorcycle maker, regardless if you love Harley or bikes made outside of the USA.

    Safe riding to all who choose 2 wheels (or three).

  • Classicman

    I love how HD enthusiasts find something about EVERY MOTORCYCLE sold in the US that is a “copy” of one Harley model or another. Pure bunk, of course. This latest Victory Cross Country cruiser (which looks way better than any of the oooooold traditional design HDs to me), looks about as much like any Harley out there as a new Mailbu looks like a wash machine!

    Give credit to Polaris & Victory, not just as the New American Motorcycle company – but already proving to be the BEST American motorcycle company!

  • Jeff

    I have a Vision that I rode from St. Louis to Sturgis this past summer and from St. Louis to Central Mississippi this past Fall. It is the second Victory I’ve owned (the first being a Kingpin). I have enjoyed both machines very much and have never regretted buying them. note – R.I.P. Kingpin – it bit the dust in an accident involving a driver turning left in front of me. It was a cool silver color. The Vision is the Midnight Cherry touring bike.