Rocking motorcycle: raise your kids right

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Want to make sure your kids don’t grow up to be Camry driving accountants? Felix Götze’s rocking motorcycle should help. Built for a three-year old motorcycle enthusiast, Götze figured a 150cc two-stroke engine would lend this contraption an appropriate air of speed. Other components were pulled out of the depths of a German bike garage, while the pinstriping was done by local airbrush artist Thomas Weber. We like the sharp edges and rusty components, Junior’s going to need a few cuts and scrapes if he’s going to learn to defy the shackles of mainstream society’s conventions.

via The Blog Paper

Thanks for the tip, Elkins.

  • drjohndee

    That rocks … sorry.

    I have a 3-yr-old who’d love that. Already likes to sit on my bike. ‘Brum it, Daddy, brum it!’ Closely followed by, ‘Too loud, Daddy…’

    • Isaac

      I want this for my unborn son. He’ll be here in about 2 weeks and I know he will love this when he gets older!

  • the_doctor

    I keep thinking, if I had one of these as a kid, how different things would have turned out…

  • urbanrider

    Damn it, another idea I wish I’d had!

    • Isaac

      You and I suffer the same affliction.