Ronnie Renner breaks own highest air record

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Photos: Garth Milan/Chris Tedesco/Jordan Miller/Red Bull Photofiles

Reaching 63′ 5″ from the ground, Ronnie Renner just broke his own world record for highest motorcycle jump off a quarter pipe. The jump was certified by Guinness World Records, which measures from the top of the 22′ ramp. By that standard, Renner reached 41′ 5″, exceeding the record he set at the Santa Monica Pier last year by 4′ 3″.>

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  • SJY

    Savage display of style.

  • Isaac

    ‘Balls of Iron’ Award!

  • Tanshanomi

    I thought motorcycles were for riding around on the ground. Isn’t the whole point of the wheels? This is about as relevant to “motorcycling” as Kenivel’s Skycycle.

    Although, I suppose I’m just old and terminally unhip.

  • El Diablo


  • Greg Whitcher

    are you kidding me.