Suzuki GSX-R1000RR: Yoshimura shows Buell how turnkey racers are done

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Just a couple of days ago we revealed the Buell 1125RR, a controversial $39,995 racers-only bike built for AMA American Superbike racing. Mat Mladin and many readers expressed frustration at the rule bending that’s allowing an expensive limited-production machine to compete in a class intended for street bikes. Well here’s Yoshimura’s take on the new rules, but don’t worry; the Suzuki GSX-R1000RR should be street-legal and available to the public.
Based on the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000, the Yoshimura Race Shop has applied
everything it’s learned from racing in AMA American Superbike and
applied it to the RR. That includes extensive engine and suspension
work as well as visual tweaks. Full details are below.

Right now, there’s no word on price or availability. But given that
1125RR, it’s likely that we could see the GSX-R1000RR made available at
dealers. Of course, since Yoshimura parts are available to the public,
you could always build your own bike to this spec, or pick and choose
the parts you want.


YRS ST-R Type R Cams (High Lift Longer Duration Cam Shafts)
YRS Hi Compression Head Gasket (Raised Compression to 13.8:1)
BMC Race Air Filter
Yoshimura EM Pro w/ Quick Shifter and harness (mapped for pump gas)
Yoshimura R77 Titanium / Carbon Fiber Full System

YRS Swing Arm Pivot Insert (+2mm)
YRS Rear Suspension Linkage (159MM)
YRS Extended Fork Cap Kit (gives additional 25MM of front ride height adjustment)
YRS Showa “KIT” Rear Shock with YRS Race Spec Valving
YRS Race Spec Fork Valving

Galfer Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines Front (Smoke)
Galfer Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines Rear (Smoke)
Galfer 1375 Front Brake Pads

YRS Chassis Protector (New style w/ Decals)
YRS Rear Stand Spools
YRS Case Savers Kit
YRS Bar End Kit
Yoshimura R&D Graphics


  • Zeitgeist

    Very cool if the door is open head on through and pass with authority! Nicely done.

  • Motominded

    Go Team Yoshi!

  • Isaac

    Hellz Yeah!

  • Scott

    Yosh better have a bigger check then the one offered to DMG by Buell/HD

    hillbillies watch DMG
    race fans watch WSS

  • geonerd

    that for the fucking win.

  • tim

    nice kit of parts for that bike! are those parts already homologated by DMG? if not, not legal until homologated. see ya at the track!!

    • Wes Siler

      They’re supposedly straight off the race bike.

  • vic

    “expressed frustration at the rule bending that’s allowing an expensive limited-production machine to compete in a class intended for street bikes”that seems unfair,really unfair,i’m not familliar with the AMA race series but if buell is alowed to participate with this limited run machine wouldn’t it be possible to enter the desmosedici rr?i mean it’s street legal it had a run of about 1000 units,i would give it to this mladin fellow,just for having the balls to voice his opinions,raise the compresion a bit and you would have a 220 hp machine easy,or how about the mv veltro pista,that’s ready to race,just mount updated forks and you’re good to go

  • Nick

    I think that’s the first gixxer I’ve seen and thought “now that looks pretty good”

    I’m sure it goes better than it looks.

  • Isaac

    I think it is a sexy machine, and I am a Yamaha man. Theres so much attention to detail in that bike. I mean check out the little Yoshi logos on top of the forks. I’m sure this bike although street legal is going be in Ducati territory in terms of price.

  • M.P.

    One thing is for sure. Riders being equal this bike will still beat the Buell.

  • Kevin

    Well of course this will beat the Buell. Thats why they race the buell in the 600cc class. What a joke.

  • Kevin

    Nevermind. I didn’t realize that the RR model was going to be in the Superbike class as I thought this was just like the 1125R which is in with other 600s.

  • hoyt

    “…should be street-legal..”

    Should be? or is it definitively a “yes, it is street legal”? The cam & exhaust mods could very well Not make this a street legal bike.

    If the above Suzuki is not street legal, then there is no argument, but only a difference in how one obtains a race-prepped Racebike. Cash outlay for either option is a separate, (nonetheless legit) argument.

    The differences in the Buell airbox volume, manifold, and the swingarm should be considered for 2010 street-going Buell. If those were consistent between the streetbike and the race entry model, then there should be no controversy, right? Or am I missing other mods between this race-only Buell model & the street model (over and above differences between a Japanese race-prepped bike and its street legal counterpart)?

    note: the XBRR was an embarrassment IMO due in large part to engine size and other mods which did not reflect the street XB platform, so I’m not buell-biased with the above comments.

  • anthony c

    neer the less Buell’s are still a way cooler bike then a gixxer

    • Case

      “way cooler than the gixxer”? I disagree.
      This is the most lust-worthy gixxer I’ve seen. Excellent go-fast mods with no blingy garbage. Awesome.

    • Pat Kittle

      Buell’s arrogance was to be expected as media flacks and the AMA faithfully did his bidding.

      “Ruthless engineering”? More like ruthless cheating. The Japanese put up with a lot, but Buell finally pushed them too far.

      How’d you like to be the sucker who bought the last Blast before Buell let you know what he really thought of your decision?

      We’d wave bye-bye but Buell says we shouldn’t wave.

  • zanon

    Buell is a really fun street bike. I have a Lightning 9X and love it.

    I hear what people are saying about the racing program though, rules should be rules. had a comparo between an 1125R, and two 600 I4s — it was a pretty even match.

    Even matches make for fun racing.