Touratech BMW F800scrambleR takes F800R off-road

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It might seem like an odd choice to base a scrambler on the BMW F800R roadster rather than the lighter, already dirt-capable BMW F800GS, but the Touratech BMW F800scrambleR should captilize on the R’s chain drive and shorter gearing to offer a punchy street scrambler with more than a modicum of off-road ability.

Update: we’ve added three new images to the gallery above.
Due to be officially unveiled this weekend in Garmisch, we don’t know
much about the bike other than that all of the parts you can see on it
are intended to reach production and will eventually be offered on
Touratech’s website. They’ve been designed by Bart van den Bogaard, the
same guy who built the Aprilia RXV Dakar racer, which explains why they
look cool and indicates that they should work as promised.


  • the_doctor

    This looks like it will survive an apocalypse. Maybe 2.

  • Sean Jordan

    What’s up with that non-functional link! I demand linkagosity!

    Geeze, gonna make me Google it, eh? bleh.

    • Wes Siler

      Damnit. Should work now.

  • B-art

    Thanks for posting Wes
    I will send more pictures of it soon


    • Wes Siler

      Thanks for sending it it Bart. Do the same for any future products you want to see covered and please do send us those additional images.

  • rubedogg

    I want one to scare the shit out of my buddies at Jawbone Canyon on there 450′s.

  • jconli1

    I still can’t understand why Motorrad won’t bring the F800S to the US… especially in their quest for more “sport” marketshare. That’s like an F800GS and F650XCountry had a naughty, naughty baby… I want.

    • Cynic

      Maybe because the S did so poorly? Though the styling on the R is MUCH better than the S.

  • jconli1


  • Jason

    I think the F800S did sell so much because people thought “why buy an 800cc sportbike for like 12K, when i can buy a 600cc jap bike that goes faster for 8k?”. That’s also why i think the F800ST sold so well was because it was a different kind..more like a small K12GT…more upright and such.

  • Avboden

    I am a USA F800S owner. 2007, last year they brought it in.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I like being unique. never seen another one on the street.

    What happened was they brought in too many of them. They didn’t sell next to the ST so they didn’t bring in any 08′s waiting to sell off all the extra 07′s. Well they never bothered bringing in the 09′s or the R sadly so it’s just the ST and the GS here in the states.

    anyone interested in the F800s check out

    That scrambler is SICK! i’d rock it