Tron Legacy Light Cycle revealed at Comic Con

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Tron_LightCycle.jpgIt looks like Tron Legacy has finally entered official production, with the Tron Legacy Light Cycle receiving and official debut at San Diego’s Comic Con. Everyone’s favorite fan boy, Ray Wert, was on hand to snap some pictures.

Update: the official trailer, featuring a light cycle race, follows the jump.

via Jalopnik and The Coolist

  • tj


  • Gene
  • Isaac

    Wow does the suit and helmet come with it?

  • geonerd

    meh for taking someone else’s awesome, original idea and simply digitizing it.

    • generic1776

      Um… The sequel has been rumored for over 10 years.

      With the original director returning to produce the film and Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner both returning in their roles in the sequel.

      As for “simply digitizing it”, the original was “digitized” already…. that’s one of the prime features that was so incredible! The whole light cycle sequence was computer generated.

      • geonerd

        um… i’m pretty sure they’ve been talking a tron sequel for more than 10 years.

        i should have said re-digitizing it. there’s nothing new here except fancier graphics. woo hoo.

  • Alex

    Um, Geonerd, there is definitley something new. Teh lightcycle has been redesigned completley. It looks way better than the original light cycle. Go look up the orginial light cycle, with it’s skinny tires and overhead roof, the design of the old light cycle looks retarded compared to this one.