Video: Quantya electric supermoto in action

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Quantya_Supermoto.JPGWe’ve waited eagerly for the Quantya Supermoto ever since we rode the Quantya Strada around my loft last September. Now it’s here and, equipped with a more powerful 48V motor, it’ll hit 69mph, putting it on par with the Zero S. Check out the action video below and look out for the non-ironic use of a star wipe.

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  • the_doctor

    Was I hoping for too much when I thought there was going to be a drag race when the 1098 showed up?

    Wes, do you know where this vidja is from? Its very scenic.

    • Wes Siler

      Looks like Switzerland to me, where Quantya is based.

  • will

    Wow! The only thing Zero did wrong is not making the S’ promos nearly this exciting. The Quantya looks supremely sharp and fun. Any word on this one’s range?

    However, Star Wipe: shades of Flanders’ dating video.

  • Matt

    At least these guys got the styling right… I wish Zero would make their sm look as good.

  • Mark

    Is it bad that i want one for the sole reason that it sounds like a TIE-Fighter?

  • supermotojoe

    all i have to say is… WEAK !

  • Charlie

    That bike looks quite capable. Or that rider is capable. In any case, a very nice machine. Enjoy all the exposure to ebikes on this website

  • Isaac

    Hey just bump it up to 96V and I think you’d be good for about a buck thirty.

  • Take Me To The Hospital

    it sounds like a skateboard, which is nice for a skateboard… but not so nice for a motorcycle!

  • fetherston

    Seeing that nice stand-up wheelie in the beginning was the first time I actually got a little excited about electric motorcycles.

    It’ll be an interesting future once batteries get more smaller and more powerful.