Video: Spidi Airbag Neck DPS in action

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Spidi_Airbag_DPS_Video.jpgA couple of weeks ago we told you about Spidi’s airbag-equipped race suit. Unlike the Alpinestars and Dainese systems that are still in development, you’ll be able to buy Spidi’s system to use on the street in the very near future. Also unlike the Dainese and Alpinestars systems, Spidi uses a lanyard attached to the motorcycle to activate the charge, meaning the risk of accidental inflation is high and the bag may not inflate at all if the rider doesn’t separate fully from the motorcycle before impact. Here’s video of that system in action.

As you can see, the idea appears to be to prevent not only severe
impacts to the neck area, but also to restrict the motion of the helmet
and therefor the risk of whiplash and other similar injuries caused by
too swift motion or over flexion of the neck.


  • the_doctor

    This system seems good in theory, but when I saw that infographic with the lanyard, I think about all the GP’s where a rider has a big come off, flies up and somehow manages to save it. How awful would it be to have your supersuit engage right when you were about to save it? Pretty awful.

    • Zeitgeist

      I agree with you on that. Sheesh Mamola would of went through these like fucking cheetos!

  • monkeyfumi

    I think it is more likely that people will forget about the lanyard, and trigger the inflation when they step off their bike.

  • Beatpusher

    If I ever see somene In a bar withthat on, it’s getting set off.

    • g.romay

      I dont know why on earth would you expect to see someone in a bar wearing that, but if you ever see someone with that suit, your definitely getting your ass kicked, good luck with the hospital bill.

      I think this suit is great, it will take some getting used to, specially for not triggering the device accidentally, but it can definitely help save lives. Is it reusable?

  • hoyt

    This is awesome.

  • VengefulV

    They should have drawn him flailing wilding. With speed lines.

  • stempere

    If it’s anything like airbag jackets i see sometimes here (europe) in the streets:
    - “the risk of accidental inflation is high” not at all, if you’re walking away from the bike the cable will stop you, you’d have to pull it very hard to trigger it
    - it is reusable, you do have to put a new gas cartidge in after every inflation (like car airbags i think)

    • macfarlane.a

      with regard to automobile airbags: those systems use small explosive charges to fill the bags. Passengers can actually suffer severe burns if they are too close to an airbag when they detonate, since the explosion releases a great deal of heat into the bag.

      That’s the trade off: chemical explosives are more reliable, having a far longer shelf life than a C02 or other compressed gas canister, but are single-use and way more dangerous.