Yamaha patents turbodiesel motorcycle engine

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Yamaha_Turbo_Diesel.jpgYamaha appears to be developing an inline-four intercooled and turbocharged diesel engine, filing a patent application for various technological solutions related to such an engine. Foremost among those solutions appears to be an intercooler located above the engine or concealed in the frame and a turbocharger mounted adjacent to the cylinder head. Such an arrangement would make the turbocharger and intercooler less vulnerable to damage, reduce turbo lag and improve packaging for a more compact design.

While this patent application doesn’t indicate that such an engine is
destined for a production bike, it does provide a sneak peak into the
kind of technology Yamaha is researching. The entire application is
embedded above and despite being a bit arduous to read, it’s full of
fascinating ideas.

Thanks for the tip, René.

  • JR


    Finally a big manufacturing looking into diesel!

  • art

    It’s too bad they’re looking at an inline 4. No sport bike rider is going to be interested. They should be looking at a big twin for an adventure tourer, or perhaps a luxury touring bike. The diesel KLR650 would sell shiploads if it were available for under $6k in the U.S.

    • TeeJay

      Take a look at the document, there is an MT01 (bigbore, longstroke V2) as well.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Clearly a bike like this would initially be targeted at the European market, where there’s a heavy influence on inline-four UJMs as economical commuter bikes. Imagine an XJ6, FZ6 or XJ900 that was super torquey and super fuel-efficient. Combine that with Europe’s heavy acceptance of diesel in cars and you have a combination for success. It’s a shame that the US market is so incredibly conservative and biased towards bikes that don’t suit the way their riders use them.

  • Jordan

    I’m curious to know if direct injection will ever have a place in petrol powered motorcycles, or if their is any real-world benefit from it being employed.

    That aside, the idea of an affordable, easy to ride commuter bike that got excellent mileage with a broad power band and rock garden reliability sounds like it should work well in today’s market, especially Europe.

    I’m all for it, Yamaha! The creative engineering is what makes motorcycles so interesting! Well, besides the elusive harmony that comes when you get in the ‘zone’.

  • jazz4ever

    I ,too, would like to see a diesel bike! However;it is because of fuel taxation structures that diesel engines are so popular in Europe! Big Brother strikes again!!!!! The U.S. is unfortunatly heading in that direction,too. The current administration is very socialistic and close to communistic in its governance (look at GM/Chrysler) .I believe that freedom of choice is the only answer. If a diesel powered bike were available in this market I would consider buying one. This mode of power would more closely suit my riding style/needs. Just some thoughts in regards to the article.Which is very nicely constructed by the way!

  • J D Evans

    I would love to see a diesel powered bike in any engine configeration. Lost of torque and maybe 100mpg should appeal to lots of people.

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  • YamaGod

    Awesome !! I would like to see that Yamaha´s Diesel. For sure it will be revolutionary.
    As we call the Diesels, “gasolera”.For Gas Oil.

    Hurra for Yamaha !!

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  • Formerxj900pilot

    You guys in Europe get all the cool bikes. I used to have a xj900 in Germany and would give my left nut for a xjr1300 here in the States. If yamaha does make a TD bike we’ll never see it here. Ride one for me bros!!!!

  • riya mehra

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    are varieties also which we can find other parts of Motorcycle online……. Thanks