2010 Harley XR1200X: a portrait in all-black

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Like the 2010 Harley range being sold in the US, Europe isn’t getting anything other than some new colors. But oh what colors. Well, oh what black. The all-black 2010 Harley XR1200X uses nothing but that color for nearly every component, noticeably boosting the level of its visual aggression. In case that’s not enough for girlie Euros and their suspicious penchant for roads with corners, there’s also new Showa piggyback shocks capable of better controlling the XR’s weave.


  • Colorblinded

    Black is the new black.

  • JR

    Really this bike is what comes to mind when I think of a motorcycle… it’s just so motorcycle.

  • Ken

    I actually want one, even though I know it’s just paint. I’m losing my self-respect. It’s got pushrods for Christ’s sake.

  • http://www.selfedge.com kiya

    Why did i expect this to look better than it does?

  • vic

    so probably the most usable design from HD isn’t available in the us? wow that’s smart..is there a rational explanaition for this?

  • geonerd

    Chintzy crap.

  • Eric

    so probably the most usable design from HD isn’t available in the us? wow that’s smart..is there a rational explanaition for this?

    ? You can buy an XR1200 in the States right now if you want to. Sure, it won’t be all blacked out or have the Showa suspension, but everything else is the same…

    • vic

      i’m not from the us and i had the impression that this XR1200 isn’t available in the USA

      • geonerd

        Originally it wasn’t, but it now is. Just not this one.

  • Adrian

    Still looks top-heavy, tank/air intake treatment is still ugly and it still probsbly won’t out run / out handle a comparable Buell.

    • Mike Jones

      Hate to say it, but it will out handle a “comparable” Buell, meaning the current push rod models and the previous tube frame models. We have an XR1200 and 2001 Buell S3 in our garage, and as much as I hate to admit it (being a long time Buell fan and rider), the XR1200 will outrun it motor wise (up to approximately 100-105mph) and out handle it in many situations, except higher speed/sweeping corners where the Buell can transfer from side to side better (100 less pounds, better balance). XR1200 is a hoot to ride though and you’d be shocked at how well it works as a serious road ringer.

  • area_educator

    The XR1200 is the only thing Harley (not Buell) has that interests me, and this version interests me a whole lot more. Nice.

  • sovfr

    I’m not a Harley fan, but if I were…I’d buy this one!

  • pay attention Harley

    Americans want this bike. Let us have it. It’s almost like they want to go bankrupt. I was willing to settle for the Iron, but now there is a 12 out there that I can’t have.

  • Ralph

    I want it! Ive ridden the orange one and it is cool but the rear is a little harsh, this one will be an awesome ride in a solid bike.

  • Bob Cornford

    This is much better than the standard XR. No dives at the front anymore. You can ride quick without having to make excessive use of the back brake now. Both pillions have said how much more comfortable it is. Doesn’t seem to require as much pre load as the XR. All in all a really wortwhile improvement & it looks good too! I’m glad I’ve got it.

  • Sinbad

    Just took my Buell 1125R into the HD shop for a service and they lent me an XR1200X for the day. Have done the deal swapped my 1125R for the 1200X why? The 1200X, it just makes me smile. The Buell I had up at 148mph the other day, I got the 1200X upto 100mph and I’m still smiling.