2010 Yamaha VMAX: red paint, more money

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Always fancied a 638lbs bike with 197bhp and 122lb/ft of torque, but only wanted one in red? Well you’re in luck, but you’d better have deep pockets. Aside from the red paint, the only thing new on the 2010 Yamaha VMAX is the price: raised from $17,990 on the 2009 Yamaha VMAX to $19,500. What recession?


  • Ben

    Holy crap. I’m sure it’s a factor of the currency divide but still. Twenty grand is practically begging to maintain the cult status of the V-Max. They’re the chosen few that can afford that monstrosity.

    • area_educator

      On the (potential) upside, I imagine this is doing wonders for resale values on original V-maxes

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    I’m glad to see bad taste isn’t dead yet.

  • JR

    saw one in person the other day, impressive machine no matter the cost

  • Oscar

    It’s called inflation, which is caused (in part), or exhaserbated by government deficits, and since we now have the biggest deficit in history, we may as well get used to it.

  • MTGR

    It may be called “inflation” in the board room but on the sales floor it is called “recession”. Yamaha forgot several important reasons the original Max stayed so popular so long. Not just attiutude, it was a versatile standard at a REASONABLE price. Sure there is a lot of tech here, but no more than in a lot of other bikes Yamahah sell for much less. OEMs have done this for years, they see big desire for a certain model so they get greedy and jack the price to the moon then sit back and blame cutomers of being “unpredictable” when the thing does not sell. A cool bike at 15k looks a lot less cool when the price is suddenly 20k. Get real Yamaha or this Max 2.0 will survive 2 years rather than 20 like Max 1 did.

  • otto

    No doubt a BLAST…and possibly THE FASTEST 1/4mile times…
    However, the radiator is UGLY…and the cans…ummmmm, somewhat rudimentary and more tha ugly…
    Can’t have that looking like something the boy scouts designed on Easter Sunday…
    Sorry, I won’t have that at ANY price despite the rest of it being AAA.

  • todd

    I own the 09, I have ridden motorcycles for 34 years
    and have owned over a dozen different machines,
    nothin and I mean nothin compares to the amazing nature of this truly spectacular machine. It is worth every penny and all of you nay sayers can say what you like for you no not what you are talking about.

  • rodman

    I bought a vmax brand new in 1989 it was the best bike i have had to date now 20yrs later i just order my new max for 2010 nothin will ever be better than a MAX!!!!!

  • Aris

    Vmax should had at least a bit bigger petrol Tank for some more endurance.