500bhp Lazareth Wazuma quad runs on ethanol

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Powered by a supercharged BMW V12, this Lazareth quad makes 500bhp when running on E85 (a fuel blend with 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline). Key to keeping that power from instantly killing its riders is the narrow rear track, which provides adequate straight line traction, but should keep the torque from flipping the quad on its side. The wide front track should provide plenty of lateral stability for the front end, which is good, because riders will need to countersteer aggressively to keep that rear in line under acceleration.

Rather than boosting the Wazuma’s green credentials, it’s likely that
the fuel was chosen because it enables engines to run higher
compression ratios. E85 typically has an octane rating of 100 to 105,
while pump gasoline runs from 85 to 93. Lazareth has priced the trike
at €200,000 ($283,000).

Lazareth via Faster and Faster and MotoRevue

  • Marco

    Ridiculous… not a bike, nor car but as expensive as a Spupersports car… what’s the use of this thing?

  • http://blog.crazymoto.net Loïc

    Hi M. Siler,

    Actually the engine delivers 350 hp and 53 mkg in his current configuration. 500 hp is to be achieved with the help of a turbo charger in the near future. All that according to the audio comment in the video.


  • http://blog.crazymoto.net Loïc

    I was speaking of the full-length video, which has been posted by Moto Revue.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Cool, thanks. This video is from MotoRevue, I just had to stick it on YouTube since their player isn’t embedable.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Surely there is a market for this, otherwise why build it. Wait…

  • jwinter

    I have been looking for a sensible replacement for my Corolla.

  • Jordan
  • Nick

    Positivity in action. We should be making the most out of what’s left of oil derivative vehicles.

  • TEvo

    The only suitable attire for any operator of this vehicle would be……


  • http://weroam.wordpress.com Darek

    I agree with TEvo. Also, is this guy kneeling the whole time??

  • Gildas


    The first vehicule where somebody can expect the Spanish Inquisition?


  • area_educator

    I’d call it “opposite lock” rather than “countersteering”, but mostly I want to call it “mine”

  • http://www.mulliganmachine.blogspot.com CAPTAIN AWESOME

    all that frenchy talk and no real performance shots other than a couple throttle blips. i wanna see it corner or some straight line bafoonery.

  • Lucian

    Ridiculous.Why is there never enough power?why 30 kg of CO2 every 100km?if you like adrenaline try bungee jumping, or high stakes poker.Kids from LA to Kuala Lumpur get lung damages because of the fumes you exhaust just to have fun.Think about the Earth as if is a pub(lic place) in wich smoking is alowed