Alpinestars 365 Gore Tex suit made from leather, yet 100% waterproof

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Alpinestars_365_GTX_Jacket.jpgThis Alpinestars 365 Gore Tex Jacket and matching trousers may form the perfect suit for road riding. Made from Gore Tex Pro Shell leather, the suit combines the benefits of leather — looks, abrasion resistance, long lifespan — with the 100 percent waterproofness of Gore Tex membranes, but uses a laminating process rather than an internal membrane. That means the suit looks, feels and acts like traditional leather, just that you won’t get wet when wearing it. And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s perforated too.
Alpinestars_365_GTX_Pants.jpgIt’s not just the laminate that makes this material special. The
leather itself is treated to improve its performance in a wide range of
weather conditions. To make it more suitable for hot weather, a special
dye is added to the leather to make it capable of reflecting up to 30
percent of the sun’s energy. The suit is also breathable, allowing a
rider’s body heat and moisture to escape. For wet weather, the leather
is treated with chemicals to make it water repellent. This means it
will soak up less than 10 percent of its weight in water and dry faster
when the sun comes back out. Despite the perforation, it retains its

Like the Dainese Verbier Pelle jacket, this technology doesn’t come
cheap. The jacket retails for $12,995 $1,299.50, while the Alpinestars 365 Gore
Tex Pants
are $1,199. Being able to wear the same suit year-round in
all weather conditions should help offset the sticker shock.

Both items feature stretch panels for comfort and are cut for riding on
the road on sportsbikes and similar. That means they’re naturally
crouched, but not as extreme as a one-piece race suit.

The jacket and pants zip together and use CE armor in the knees, hips,
shoulders and elbows. There’s pockets for bother a chest and back
protector and removable quilted liners.


Many Alpinestars suits are available on
  • gary

    holy $%*!!!
    “The jacket retails for $12,995, while the Alpinestars 365 Gore Tex Pants are $1,199.”


    still looks like $2500 for Alpinestars.. Ben Spies is getting that raise I guess.

  • Darek

    are you shitting me? 13k for a jacket. Are you out of your minds???? hello new liter bike! goodbye f’d up marketers “good” intentions.

    How bout brand come out with some REAL WORLD stuff!!

  • graham

    Went looking for a calendar when I saw how much the jacket costs….. no it’s not April 1st.

    Who is that stupid?

    I mean… I’m going to rush out and buy one tomorrow – but only because everyone else will, and I don’t want to be left out – just like all that Hardy gear I don’t wear either.

  • Zeitgeist


  • the_doctor

    Cheese it! Gore Tex is some ‘spensive stuff. I know that “you cannot put a price on great riding gear,” but I think Alpinestars has been for quite some time. That is some serious stickershock I am feeling right now. I was expecting, maybe, 3K max. Jesus.

    • the_doctor

      Cancel that. The price is, gulp, reasonable (?) now.

  • Chris

    All your typos are belong to me!

  • MrP

    $12,995 for the Alpinestars 365 vs the $797 Aerostich Transit Jacket?

    I’ll take mine minus the star, throw in a Daytona 675 SE and I’ll still have $1,899 for fuel.

  • Edward

    I have Dainese and think it rocks. All in all I got the pants and jacket for 1200, oh… with armor. Fits like a glove.

  • Mike

    someone types an extra 9 and everyone gets into a tizzy. Hard to call anyone out on it because the next comment would be “I was only being sarcastic, geez get a sense of humor”

    Even at 1/10th of the above price, it’s still an expensive jacket. I’ll let the richies do the beta testing on this one and see how it stacks up, then consider it.

  • Grant Ray

    Wow. And Catterson thought Wes was the gullible one. You guys are crazy.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, I’m an idiot and put the comma in the wrong place. So sue me…

      • Zeitgeist

        Still even with typo corrected, hahahaha. :) Spell check only goes so far. I think sometimes I need a proofreader too. I just try to read stuff through again one last time before sending or printing luckily my print supplier has good staff and they catch most of my fox pas.(sp)

        I see somebody wearing this and the thought will be, “What a noob”. There are so many more versatile products for less $$ that still look arguably better than this set up. The only reason to buy this really is as an ego trip for riders. I mean even the earlier post for the Japanese made jacket would be an easier buy as the styling and distinctiveness that it offers. Also how much weight will it gain as the skin soaks up water? The leather is not the water reppellent its the membrane underneath and given that how long to dry especially in a humid enviroment like most of the rainy summer places are. Stinky moldy jacket in no time. Even with the treatments they put on them its still a huge issue. BMW and Triumph both had water proof leathers in the past and it just did not sell well stateside.

    • Ben

      Never put too much stock in the Interwebs. :P

      A lot of what’s offered here has already been available from Aerostich for a good while in the form of the Transit suit. Arguably everything, from a quick glance. Perforated Goretex leather, waterproof and reflecting up to 30% of the sun, etc. It’s also dramatically more reasonable in price, at about $800 and $700 for the jacket and pants, respectively.

      Another high-tech and interesting piece of gear, which happens to be affordable, is the RoadGear Adaptive-Tec Jacket. It uses something called Outlast from NASA that adapts to your body temperature. Check out the product link and a link to information on the Outlast tech.

      • Grant Ray

        I really want to like the Aerostich. I really do. However, any time I see velcro used as fasteners on the exterior of a garment, I automatically think corner-cutting on the production. For cheaper mass-production stuff that’s absolutely fine.

        An $800 jacket? Not so much.

        • Ben

          What alternative would you prefer? I could see button snaps, though I wonder how the durability and repair costs compare between the options.

          In this case, velcro is used in areas that add significant features: a chest pocket, large rear vent, and adjustable cuffs. The Alpinestars jacket simply doesn’t offer those items. Side by side, I’d expect the Transit jacket to cost more.

          Maybe I’ve developed a soft spot for Aerostich after picking up a mint Roadcrafter one piece on the cheap. Pop one of those on and come talk to me about velcro.

          As a side note, velcro seems inescapable these days. A quick jaunt through Dainese’s astronomical lineup, the Vanson heavy hitters, and most any other readily-available expensive-as-hell jacket I’m familiar with has velcro on the outside somewhere. Even when some of these close in on a cool grand.

          • Grant Ray

            Chest pocket and rear vent could be water-tight zips or snaps depending on the design. The cuffs should be regular zips, which in a crash scenario, will do a way better job of holding together to prevent things like armor slippage.

            Basically, I don’t see a point in doing the heavy-duty protection thing half way.

            • Ben

              I absolutely agree about half-assing protection. Still, I wonder if we’re seeing the same things.

              The cuffs do have zippers (img 8 of 14). they claim waterproof zippers all around. The velcro cuff sections there are to customize the fit as tight as you’d like, which can make a big difference for gauntlet gloves. The rear vent appears to be a waterproof zipper covered by that velcro flap (img 5 of 14). I’m not sure about the chest pocket, but they claim the entire suit is waterproof, so I’d be willing to bet it’s a waterproof zipper with a touch of velcro to keep the flap down.

              You really want it, Grant. It’s only $800. A steal next to the subject of this post.

  • kiya

    Damn, for a second there i thought “hell yeah, this makes our shit look like a great deal..”

  • area_educator

    Crazy expensive (a discussion I don’t feel the need to revisit), but some very cool and very useful tech. And a great looking jacket, too.

  • Erin

    The Dainese Verbier, looks way better, does the same thing, and costs less.

  • vic

    Despite the perforation, it retains its waterproofness=>how is that possible?does it have a membrane under the perf leather?
    and i agree the verbier is much nicer and(incredibly)costs less than the alpinestar,and i can live without the overblown star logo,
    but i am sure that this kind of technology will eventually become affordable.
    i also saw something really nice a while was something called lycra leather..basicly leather laminated with lycra which made it a lot more confortable and suits could be made into more form-fitting shapes thus improving the effectivness of the protectors it was patented by invista the people that make coolmax,lycra etc

  • MrP

    Man, I am gullible! But can you really blame us with the price tag some manufactures put on their products? Well I guess you can, 13k for a jacket is a bit outlandish. If any jacket cost that price it better feel like you are on the receiving end of a blowjob every time you put in on.

  • Markkit

    The laminate part is vague and I suspect misleading..Goretex is actually a laminated system in itself because you can`t stick the Goretex monolythic film on its own so you need a layer of plastic pu coating, so nothing new there.

    Also leather or any material that Goretex is laminated to needs to be water repellent this is not a unique process for this jacket, any goretex recommended material needs this. The reasons are two, first is if the ‘monolythic’ goretex film is covered in rain water from the outside the jacket will not breath as the goretex will be saturated with moisture, second reason is if you have goretex you can only dry the wet leather from the outside side only, this is a very slow process as water stays trapped between the leather and the goretex layer.

    As with so many products that surround us they are over-rated..’Change is the illusion of progress’and it makes big profits..

  • Cynic

    I hate to think I’m the kind of person that cares about style over price, but as much as I love Aerostich, that transit suit looks horrible.
    I’m not a fan of Alpinestars, but in this case their jacket looks much better.
    Not sure it looks $500 better…

    I’m too lazy to see who said that they’d wait for this tech to get cheaper, but I’m with them on that. Too much money so far.

  • sam

    i make very little money, but styling is important to me. i would happily pay the extra for the astars to not look like a goon.

  • Ben

    I suppose in a fantasy land where we’re talking about dropping $800 for a jacket, it’s just as reasonable to say, “Hell yeah, I’ll drop another $500 for a sporty style!” Sure.

    That said, I can see going the route of the Dainese Verbier mentioned above (and previously here). $200 gets a damn classy looking jacket with the same tech and arguably a better cut for the string beans of the crowd.

    • vic

      “better cut for the string beans of the crowd.”
      it actually looks pretty unremarkable to the untrained eye when you see it and with a classic design[except for the collar which gives away it's intended purpose] and i believe that’s a good thing,and looks good on more than the tall and skinny crowd. i tried it at a dealer about two weeks ago,and it fit me more like a well made designer jacket than a riding jacket.i am around 1.8m tall with broad shoulders,large chest cavity,long arms and a bit of a beer belly and the jacket actually made me look slimmer and was really confy as opposed to most sport cut jackets out there
      the only thing i could find wrong with it was the collar…at this price point dainese should offer two collar heights..i have a pretty long neck and it touched my chin..i imagine that if i tried it with the helmet it would have been worse.someone with a short/er neck would find it even more unconfortable,and looking at the other sizes they all seemed to have the same collar height..again,not a big problem if the jacket is selling at a affordable price but at this level they should cater to different body tipes,i have yet to see the type of customisation typichal of arai been made available in the moto clothing industry
      you sometimes can find long/short leg options and i think dainese offers 2 chest sizes in their female racing suits but that’s about can either go stock or tailored..

  • John

    Is it just me or am I the only one who has never been that impressed with Gore-Tex, when it comes to motorcycle rain wear.Had a Aerostitch Darien and every time it rained (hard) I wished I had on my 20 Year old Belstaff. The Darien leaked like a sieve. I have a Tecknic 3/4 that is far more water repellent.In a long, hard rain I do not think you can do much better than a good quality rain suit over a good set of protective leathers.Over all though the amount of great motorcycle gear available today is phenomenal.Why is it that only the British motorcycle mags really try to test all this new gear. It sure helps sort through all that is available.

    • area_educator

      Why do the British bike mags use phrases like “Rev the tits off the thing”? It’s because the British motoring press is just better than the vast majority of the US motoring press.