Alpinestars Monza nails the bargain leather suit

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Constructed from 1.3mm leather and fitted with CE armor throughout, these new Alpinestars Monza one- and two-piece suits offer safety and quality far above their $900 price tag. We like the conservative styling, minimal (well, for Alpinestars at least) use of logos, and the solid color choices as well as the high spec level. There’s even a women’s versions that’s free of tribal flowers and other condescending crap.
Aside from the lack of seven-foot-wide logos, there’s very little to
distinguish the Monza from other Astars suits. There’s a little less
venting (made up for by the heavy perforation), the leather’s a little
thinner, the styling’s more conservative and the cut’s a little more
relaxed. You still get aramid stretch panels in the crotch, the back of
the knees and the arm pits, accordion leather in the usual spots and
even neoprene wrist edging and a micro-fleece-lined color. There’s no
back protector, not even the usual crappy foam one, but there are
provisions to fit one and there’s pockets for chest armor.

All three versions (one-piece, two-piece, women’s) are priced the same at $900.


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  • damien

    looks good. i’m hoping to attend the penguin racing school next year at NH speedway and need full leathers, this looks perfect.

  • Ben

    Looks great. Had this been available six months ago, RS Taichi may’ve had some competition.

  • Jason Stone

    I love alpinestars but even 900 seems a lot for someone whos looking for leathers on a very occasional track use basis. Have you guys ever tested the leathers from these guys?

    Or the Frank Thomas ones that are really more budget?

    • Grant Ray

      You get what you pay for. Leathers are meant to cost money, you’re paying for quality construction, quality materials, good fit and nice looks. $900 is a bargain considering you get all the excellent protection, decent quality and good looks Astars is known for.

  • Travis

    Made in China?

  • FatRod

    Wow can I dress like a drag queen too?

    Meat me down at the leather/latex bar, Sugar!!!

  • Marshall

    I’m curious to know yalls opinion of the dainese $999 laguna seca suite vs. This A*

    • Wes Siler

      That’ a nice, restrained suit too.

    • Ben

      The Laguna Seca suit is a great value. I’d really have to see this AStars suit in person to offer a valid comparison myself, but I can say this: the Laguna Seca is a good leap ahead of the other A-Stars suits around $900 and below. The extra perforations of the Laguna Seca could make a considerable difference, as well.

      • Marshall

        That’s what I would think as well. I own a Dainese suit right now and think I’ll eventually upgrade to the Laguna Seca soon… just saw this as another option as I want to spend about $1k