Alvaro Baustista loops bike after 3rd place. Easy, tiger.

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What’s worse than looping your racebike on the celebration lap in front of 150,000 fans? We can’t think of anything either. Poor Alvaro Bautista was having a fantastic weekend. Not only did he announce a 2-year contract with MotoGP factory team Rizla Suzuki, he also just finished 3rd in a great 250 Grand Prix race at Brno. Clearly, he had reason to be excited. Then he got a little too excited. Humiliating video after the jump.


via Two Wheels

  • Matt

    He looks appropriately ashamed as he sits up and hangs his head while still sliding down the track on his leathers.

  • Ken

    You forget that they’re only 15 don’t you?

    • Grant Ray

      Actually, he’s 24.

  • Scott

    Max would be proud.

  • Stephen

    I love the commentators laughing at this guy. You don’t have to know the language to know what they mean.

  • Elux Troxl

    I think that the all time most embarrassing moment in motorsports was when polesitter Robert Guerrero crahsed before the pace lap on the PARADE LAP of the 1992 Indy 500. Of course, he was driving your fathers Buick.

  • Kerry

    Not bad. What did the East German Judge give him?

    (I just realized I dated myself with this really old olympics joke)

  • Zeitgeist

    Nice Kerry I got it. :)

    I remeber Mamola doing it in practice at Laguna on the Cagiva. Race time came and it was the same beat up bodywork on it still patched back together. That was pretty funny for us humiliating for Mamola.

  • DoctorNine

    OK. Let’s be honest. Who here has never done something stupid like this? At least our exploits never were on video for everyone to scoff at. I will never forget the parking lot burnout that ruined my forks when the bike took off, but I only have to relive it in my mind, not on television. You know he feels like an idiot, poor guy.

    • Wes Siler

      I may have once looped a stoppie on my university campus. That was embarasing.

  • Denis

    I hear you Doctor. When I first started riding I thought I was about the greatest rider ever. I would sometimes try to do wheelies in public. It never ended well.

  • lenny