Bloodrunners, the movie

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Bloodrunners.jpgA chaotic combination of organs, couriers, motorcycle chases and babes, Bloodrunners is largely credited with inspiring or at least strongly contributing to the aesthetic and attitude of England’s streetfighter scene in the ’80s and early ’90s. Initially a comic strip, its creator, Andy Sparrow, managed to cobble together enough cash to produce a 30-minute live action movie. We can’t bring you the whole thing, but below you’ll find an out takes reel as well as three chase sequences. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much in the way of plot.  >


  • Trotskyite

    Those wailing guitars turned to 11? Thats just how Japanese bikes sounded back then.

  • Andy Sparrow

    My name is Andy Sparrow. As mentioned, I used to draw Bloodrunners starring Jack Shit many years ago, and now I draw Jet Metal for Streetfighters magazine in the UK and other mags around the world.
    I was googling myself today [not a euphemism] and came across this mention, so I came to have a look. It’s very gratifying that people still remember Bloodrunners and it give me a kick every time I read something positive [and a different kind of kick when its negative].
    Since Bloodrunners I’ve been drawing various comics, some of which can be found on my website, and also working in the film industry, but last year I was looking through all my sketch-pads and ideas books and realized I had the making of a new biker-based strip.
    So I knocked out a few sample episodes and emailed them around. The instant, positive reaction really surprised me, and before I knew it Jet Metal was in six countries! Hopefully Jet will be as popular as Bloodrunners, but it’s early days, and we’re still evolving.
    I’m looking for a magazine to take it in the states and wondered if you had any ideas?
    Thanks. Andy