Brammo Enertia goes on sale at Best Buy

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Brammo_Enertia_Best_Buy.jpg“We have three in the back, ready for test drives.  All you need is a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement,” an employee at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland told Brammofan. The electric Brammo Enertia is now on sale at select Best Buys. Availability will initially be limited to the Portland, Oregon area, before spreading down the west coast. If sales of the $11,995 bike are successful, Best Buy could expand availability throughout the country. Congratulations guys.
Make sure you check out our Brammo Enertia review and our interview with Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher.

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  • Ian

    Being here in Blighty I’m not particularly familiar with Portland, and no offense intended but isn’t Oregan a pretty quiet place?

    I would have thought the place to be launching the Enertia would be major metropolitan areas- ie. get it into San Francisco, LA, New York, Chicago asap. I appreciate these places are not exactly close to eachother and Brammo are in Oregan, but surely Best Buy can sort the logistics.

    If I were Brammo I wouldn’t want the success of the bike judged on how it sells in Portland alone. Is this just a half arsed attempt by Best Buy, not wanting to splash out more than necessary?

  • matt

    you haven’t been to portland then. It is actually quite the moto-mecca. Plus it’s also one of the “greenest” cities in the country. It has to have one of the highest prius-per-capita ratios anywhere.

  • Brammofan

    “Is this just a half arsed attempt by Best Buy, not wanting to splash out more than necessary?”
    I’d call it a measured, prudent roll-out of a new product. Not only is the Enertia new, but, for Best Buy, the sales and marketing of electric vehicles has only been going on for a few months. I doubt that Brammo is judging the success of the bike solely on Portland sales. It is also selling the bikes online through the website and will be rolling out to more Best Buys on the west coast later this year and then nationwide.

  • Evan

    The Portland metro area has over 2 million people. Not huge, but definitely not small and sleepy.

  • sam

    if it dont fly in portland then it wont fly anywhere

  • fetherston

    Bravo, Brammo!

    I hope to be there if one arrives in the New York City area. Hummmm I wonder how the Enertia would do with rearsets and clip-ons. Maybe on a nice tight track like Pocono East.

    • Wes Siler

      Stay tuned for news on that.

      • http://Http:// Skadamo

        Sounds like you are holding out on something good about the not so rumored, more hinted Brammo Sportbike. :)

        Being a Chicago local having visited the west coast I am sad to say it is a better target market than the windy, rainy and really cold city. Hope I’m wrong. Motorcyclists are more recrational here. Looking at San Fran streets on a work day makes me think CA would be gold.

        Electric dirtbikes and offroad oriented dualsports should do good in the Chitown burbs.

  • will

    So this is where it begins. Good job, guys. I can only hope Best Buy has a good training program so their employees can tell folks about the good news.

  • urban rider

    Fantastic, well done to all involved. It’s great to see a powered 2 wheeler in a mainstream retail environment. Its a bonus that it is electric but anything that further diminishes the public perception of bikers as mostly being speed demons or hell raisers is good for all of us.

  • Case

    I was not a fan of these at first but I admit they are growing on me. I like that it looks like a real motorcycle, not a hopped motorized bike. On the other hand (and with apologies to the post directly above), I already own a real motorcycle and if I spent twelve grand on another one it would have to go a hell of a lot faster than 80 MPH.

    What’s brammos intention with this thing? Get non-riders on bikes? Get existing riders to switch over? Both? I’m not suggesting what they should do, I’m just curious what their strategy is. The product is definitely cool. They will have to overcome some resistance at that price point to take it from novelty item to mainstream and I’m wondering how they plan to do that. And wondering if I can support the effort in some way without shelling out twelve grand.

  • Jordan

    Cool little bike but if I was made to guess the price I’d say $6K. I look at this competing with folks who want to ride something with 2 wheels but are willing to pay a bit more than the cost of a new 500cc Ninja to be a bit more green.

  • ua

    Brammo is located here in Oregon also, so it makes perfect sense to test the market locally first where it will be much easier to support and there is most likely a market for it. There is big green movement here with many electric vehicle, scooter, biodiesel, and hybrid fanatics. The price still seems a bit much for what it is, but if it succeeds here the company might be able to stick around and lower cost as they become larger hopefully.

  • kiya

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t the Best Buy on Harrison street in San Francisco just put up a huge banner on the building advertising this thing?
    I think i just noticed this a week ago or so but i ride by it all the time..

  • g00gander

    Is anyone here a motorcycle rider? I’m sorry but the speed and range is a joke. Also, it’s ugly as sin. 11k? Seriously? Buy one and park it next to your Segway. They’ll get the same amount of use.

    Drop the price point to scooter prices (because that’s all it is, an electric scooter) and MAYBE it will sell. I’m just not sure what niche it’s aimed at. People who ride motos aren’t gonna buy it (I know for that price I’d could buy a dozen other beautiful bikes). People who want something smaller to buzz around on will just buy a freakin’ scooter/moped, shoot for 11k they could buy three or four.

    So once again being green is priced out of normal peoples range. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense which is really too bad.

    I’m not against electric vehicles…the immediate torque, the quietness but they need to be designed by ppl who actually ride. Take a cue from Tesla Motors.

    I declare the Brammo an epic FAIL. Although I may go test drive one today just for giggles.

  • Jefferson

    People that would spend 12K on that get both exactly what they want and what they deserve.

  • jconli1

    I’m entertained by the “that’s a ripoff” comments. In order to have Wal*Mart pricing, a product has to have low per-unit production costs, which means either junk components and/or large production numbers.

    If the product catches on, production goes up, pricing goes down, improvements come, then we all win. But any time a new technology tries to go mainstream, you should thank those early adopters… without them none of the technological commodities we take for granted would be possible.

    I think I’m going to use the Brammo as an excuse to ride down to PDX this weekend…

  • K2theM

    It’s a freaking blast to ride!!!! Do it! go test ride it! It’s a pure giggle machine!

    It will:
    Put a smile on your face
    Carve corners like a knife
    Get you from a to b

    It’s a full on motorcycle.

    • Brammofan

      I wondered if K2theM would chime in. Great ride report on sir. Looks like Brammo just started the online store for people outside the Washington, Oregon, and California area. To me, this means that Best Buys in those states will soon have the Enertias on the salesfloor.
      (Dang, Wes, I wish you had an RSS feed for comments. I keep on having to hunt down these articles, and then I see what I’ve been missing).

      • Wes Siler

        That’s something we can look at doing.

  • lago

    Does anyone else notice the 324 lbs weight? Without having any fuel, oil, or coolant that’s probably pretty much the curb weight as well. It should be noticeably lighter than a Ninja 250R. Sounds like a blast to ride.

    • Brammofan

      The weight of the prototypes were always in the 270-280 range. The first I heard of the 324 lbs. was in an LA Times article that appeared just a few weeks ago.

  • Ponobill

    Looks like a nice first go. I’m not sure I’d part with 12K for one, but I’ve done sillier things. My biggest concern would be hills. I imagine they struggle with anything beyond a 15 percent grade and use charge fast. Any info appreciated.