Brand X block party, this sunday, Brooklyn

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BrandXmailer.jpgLike motorcycles, beer and barbecue? Come to Greenpoint this sunday, 23 August, for the 6th annual Works Engineering motorcycle show.

Want to enter your bike? Awards will be given for the best bike in each of the following categories: Most Artistic, Best Race Bike for the Street, Eurotrash Award, Saved from the Jaws of Death, Compressed Disc, Best Desecration of Japanese History, Bailing Wire and Tetanus, What is That? and People’s Choice.

There’ll also be a raffle for a custom ’70s Bonneville, with proceeds going to Juliet Dostalek.

See you there.

  • JR

    Damn…wish I lived in Brooklyn. Anyone putting one of these on in LA?? haha.

  • kiya babzani

    I cannot believe i’m missing this.

  • DeshiMike

    I cannot believe I’m gonna make this! See you guys there!

  • Andrew

    I can believe I’m making this.

  • Guy Pierno

    I could win most of these classes!
    See you there.

  • Dave

    Wish I could be there instead of rainy UK

  • jason anderson

    Hells yeah. Flew in a couple days ago and I’m heading to this now. The Triumph, Titans and CB160 are all back home in SF, but at least we’ll be able to browse bikes in our old hood.
    Excellent idea, hats off to Works Engineering yet again.

  • Chris Clinton

    Thanks to everyone for hosting a great motorcycle event/block party with a cool Brooklyn vibe. Great to see old friends and meet new friends that share the passion and the culture. Looking forward to next year.
    Chris Clinton (H2 750 Drag Bike)

    • Julio Matamoros

      Your h2 was one of my favorite bikes there!!! i rolled in with my black kz650 and my jaw dropped. Had a great time at this event, will be there again next year!

  • Chris Clinton

    Thanks Julio,

    Im Glad to hear you liked the H2. There were a number of great bikes and customs.

    See you there next year. Chris Clinton